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    The longest speech in history by PM Modi gave catnap to ministers in Independence Day

    Today's speech my Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 70th Independence Day of India is the longest speech in the history. He broke his own record of last years' that he created after our first Prime Minister Nehru on India's freedom day on 15th August 1947. Actually Modi's speech was full of all achievements, clarion call and a strong message to Pakistan; however some of our famous ministers like Kejriwal, Jaitley, Manohar Parikar looked like they were catnapping during the speech.
    Kejriwal catnapping during PM Modis speech on Independence Day
    The matter of fun is just 4 days back Kejriwal had expressed about his energetic and freshness after 10 days Vipasana course on Twitter; have a look here
    Manish Sisodia was expressed his real feeling on Twitter today,
    What's your saying on minister's act on this great national event?
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    Yes the speech was too long but of great use and very important for the all Indians, I think whenever any high officials of our country is saying something then we should be active enough to hear that speech because they are intelligent guy of our country and they came into that position after having lots of experience of life and it is our duty to hear their speech with lots interest, many people will that the speech was to long but they are not thinking that the prime minister has at least many thing to say.
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    It is too strange to see that even the people of high stature like those cabinet ministers sleep at the important event like the Prime Minister's address to the nation. Aren't we expected to listen to the achievements by the nation?
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    Every Prime Minister feels elated to address the nation from the rampart of Red Fort and in delivering the message, some have chosen the written contents and some have done with oratory skill. Normally those who follow the script they will finish the message within short period. The problems come with oratory speech. Some may fumble or search for right words and thus beat around the bush. But at seems our PM Modi has created a niche for himself in oratory speech and surely he has the skill to arrest the attention of public with his pungent words and also has nice dig at Pakistan.
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    I would prefer to categorise the persons who took a catnap during the Prime minister's speech in two categories. One category was of those persons who were the actual achievers of the goals about which the Prime Minister was talking. They were fully aware of the developments as actually they had performed the activities which led to the milestones being mentioned by the Prime Minister. Such people were persons like Arun Jaitley and Manohar Parikar.

    In the other category were persons like Arvind Kejriwal who don't want to listen to the achievements of his rival party BJP even when they are awake.

    There was yet another category of individuals of the opposition parties who were more alert than usual and listening to the each word of the speech including the pauses, to criticise the same subsequently while talking to the journalists and even inside the parliament later.

    There were may be many more who took catnaps but nobody noticed them as they were ordinary people.

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    Jai Hind.
    Members, Please remember that leaders especially the Ministers don't go to sleep. When they close their eyes, it doesn't mean that they have gone to sleep. In fact, they ensure to hear the speech without any disturbance through their eyes.
    Once I had a chance to attend a briefing where a cabinet minister was present for whom the briefing was organized. I was sitting few feet away from the Minister. While the briefing was going on seriously, I could observe the minister sleeping. But to my utter surprise, the minister posed a question to the officer who was briefing. Really I was stunned to realize that the Minister was listening with his eyes closed, not sleeping.

    So, never presume that a cat is sleeping.

    Jai Hind.

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    The speech given by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is very good. But, I don't know that its a record. Even though its long, its filled with our great country's achievements.

    #575491 (Mr. Sun) : You mentioned a new and good point. But, that reasoning can be applied to Mr. Kejriwal only as Mr. Manish Sisodia tweeted that the speech is really boring. Why will a speech containing our country's achievements be boring?

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    So far as Mr. Arun Showrie or Mr. Manohar Parrikar are concerned, they have been part of the core team of the PM for guiding India towards the path of all-round development. The less said about Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is better.
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    The complete speech was about 1:45 minutes as presented uncut by YouTube; which is not a long duration at all.
    The backbench students always take catnap during classes. If they can't concentrate a 1-2 hr speech then how they rule a whole state or big department, I don't understand! They must be courteous in this situation as Prime Minister is on the dice and all media is covering, watching and telecasting world widely. What they'll teach their next generation and what students will learn by watching them napping on an important celebration? This is my argument.

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    No amount of talking in favour of the bigwigs who could not control their sleep during the Prime Minister's address will make their folly any better. What they did was not in tune with the way a public figure is expected to. I would vehemently condemn this behaviour - although I am a great fan and follower of Manohar Parrikar, one of the best Chief Ministers Goa has ever had.
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