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    Bhartiya Nari Shakti: Determined lady sells kulche-chhole on Gurgaon road

    She lives in a Rs. 3 crore house and owns SUVs. And she sells chhole-kulche on from a wooden cart (thela) on the roadside of Gurgaon (now Gurugram). Meet thirty-four year old former school-teacher Urvashi Yadav. Adverse circumstances can't dominate this lady; she moulds her own fate; she stands like a pillar of strength behind her children and her ailing husband.

    Urvashi's husband Amit Yadav used to work as an executive with a major construction company and her father-in-law is a retired Air Force officer. However Amit Yadav met with a major accident and has been bed-ridden. Doctors have advised full hip-replacement surgery which would cost a substantial amount. Urvashi, who used to work as a primary school-teacher in a local school till 31st May, left her job and has started selling chhole-kulche, not to disturb her children's schooling (they study in expensive public schools).

    Within only three months, Urvashi Yadav has started earning Rs. 2500-3000/- per day and she is now planning to start a small restaurant.

    I salute this lady for her determination and courage. Such ladies are the true symbol of emancipation of Bhatiya Nari Shakti,
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    Some times transformation takes place within us by going through challenging phase of life which cannot give us immediate respite. I really appreciate this Bharathi Nari Urvashi Yadav, who never gave up the hard challenges she faced in the life and determined to live in this worst world with her even more positive way of thinking life. She has taken the right decision to have own road side business by leaving the pittance salary she got through her teacher job. Being bed ridden, she cannot expect anything from husband and thus she proved once again to the world that given the circumstances, the women of India can take their life serious and get going.
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    There are many such unsung heroes in both the genders. However, the indomitable spirit of the women deserves adulation and accolades. We see many examples where illiterate women work as housemaids who work very hard to support their families including making provision of booze also for their drunkard husbands and even endure physical abuse by them.

    As a matter of fact, there are many women working in organized sectors as domestic workers and labor. They raise their children also during the process without any paid maternity leave or child care leave.

    Many women have entrepreneurial instincts and run a business from their house. During my posting at Mumbai, I have seen that whenever any lady from Delhi or Punjab area used to visit any relative at Mumbai, they used to bring stuff like clothes etc. to sell to the neighbors to recover their to and fro travelling cost.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    People like Ms. Urvashi Yadav are very rarely found. Most people doesn't even have a fraction of determination and courage she has. I heard one such story. A widow is suffering from a disease such that she will die in some years. She has children. To take care of them, she is working as an auto driver. She participated in Meelo Evaru Koteswarusu (Telugu version of Kaun Banega Crorepati) and won some money. Most of the audience burst into tears after hearing her story. I salute all such people for their determination and courage.

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    What she did/does to secure her families future is indeed praiseworthy. She took a risk (by resigning from her job) and perhaps also brought her status down by opening a roadside stall. The lady has tremendous strength and determination, I wish her well. My only grouse is that she did not place nation before self.

    Is the stall under the peepal tree, not encroachment? Is it permitted by the MCG? If all educated people and those who can afford to rent/own a place begin selling their wares off platforms and from under shady trees what will become of the country?

    Other hawkers will soon put up stalls next to hers. Soon, a clean, city sidewalk will become filthy. Soon these will become permanent fixtures. Pedestrians will have no place to walk. Patrons will begin parking their vehicles in unauthorized zones to be able to buy food being sold there. Vendors will grow in numbers and soon form an association and go on dharnas if asked to vacate government property. There are several ramifications which the city and her people will have to face, because of one person's doing.

    There is nothing wrong in taking help of the in-laws, especially when it is being offered. After all, they are family. The father-in-law, I read, offered to set up an eatery.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    #575531: I have heard and have seen in snaps that the lady is maintaining very high level of hygiene in her cart. Because of this aspect, even executives of fairly good positions working in nearby offices have become her regular customers. Moreover, she keeps dust-bin beside her cart. So far as other vendors are concerned, I know that there is no dearth of roadside vendors near the office complexes of Gurgaon. So, the lady's success would not create any further problem for the civic authorities of the locality.
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    I may be wrong here, but to my knowledge, permission of the local civic body is necessary if its property is to be made use of, for any business. Fines are levied for misuse of government property and legal action is taken to evict encroachments. The premise that roadside vendors already exist and one more joining the numbers should not be a problem just highlights the utter disregard we, as a people, have for the law. We want the country to prosper, but put spokes in its development.

    I am against making a hero of anyone who flouts basic rules, especially for personal gain. Whatever we do, no matter how virtuous, can never be right, if we break rules and stand to gain from our unlawful actions.

    A 3 crore house and an SUV – do you think she needs the platform for subsistence? I applaud her grit, but not the way she is going about it.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    All food business operators in the state of Haryana are required to be registered or licensed under the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) 2006.

    'Registering Authority' for the purpose of registration of Petty Food business operators or manufacturers is the 'Designated officer' of each district. Rs 100 is charged as the registration fee under such cases.

    A business license under the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994 may also be required.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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