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    When many children meets at one place they try to imitate one another.

    Have you ever visited a pre-primary section of any school and found the behavior of small children in that class room. If one child starts doing some gesture or work, others also try to imitate them. So having caught this knack, some pre-primary teachers identify the performing child in the lot and try to educate him or her first. That is enough for the entire class to get accustomed to learn with total unison. By the way children always learn fast and it is the elders who must know how to teach them with total accuracy. Even at home or at park, children making grouping and try to learn many things by aping.
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    The crux of the issue is that most of the parents and teachers don't know as to how to teach and what to teach. They generally learn by trial and error methods and by the time they acquire some knowledge and experience about the subject matter it is too late and the children pass that phase and enter the next phase.

    All parents cannot be taught systematically as to how to raise a child. The parents generally learn from their own parents and from other relatives and families in the neighborhood. The overall system is very disorganized and chaotic. I have seen many parents learn from their surroundings as to how to discipline the children by punishing them. Such children are more likely to become rebels in their later life.

    The schools in which properly trained teachers are employed are quite expensive and parents often protest about high fee charged by them. In majority of the schools untrained or not properly trained teachers are employed as less salary is required to be paid to them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Following something is also method of learning. Not only among kids, it has been seen in upper classes and even in professional places also. In BPO sector, the newbies learn various processes like speaking etiquettes, telephone etiquettes, etc. Each and every learning tactics begins in lower classes that create a good habit of learning in future.
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    Well I believer that everyone in this world learn something by imitating others from childhood to old age. And whereas about children, there are many children in my society and I always try to learn from them, yeah learn how to live from children because they don't feel shy at any point of place or in front of anyone whatever they feel like they just do and their smile is just like heavenly pleasing things to eyes. There way of saying things really makes me feel good as too I have a lot of tension in mind.
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    In our life, we learn a lot. We learn many things everyday but only some of them may turn useful. A significant part of this learning is due to imitating others. Suppose a person becomes a teacher, he/she definitely imitates his/her teacher's teaching style and try to teach in way which would be helpful to most of the students. This type of learning will be more frequent in children. As children don't know many things, they feel that what others are doing is correct and try to imitate them. That is the reason behind children getting most of the habits of their parents. If parents have bad health habits, children get them. If parents have good health habits, children get them too. So, parents and teachers must be careful with children as children learn from their surroundings very fast.

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