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    You may be familiar with new gadgets. But your parents need guidance. Never get annoyed.

    We all know with the advent of modern gadgets especially the smart phones, our parents especially the older generations are not accustomed to the usage nor they know how to operate. Surely when they purchase or gifted with a new smart phone, they seek advise from the young ones on how to use it or get familiarize with it. In that situation please tell them all the intricacies of phones without getting annoyed. In this regard please note that when you are not aware of how to eat with the spoon, it was the parents who taught you ?
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    Learning to eat by using a spoon is quite different from learning about the usage of modern gadgets. Basic things like walking, running, eating etc. comes naturally also without any external training. There are natural instincts which enable the individuals to learn.

    However, technology is man made. Therefore , it cannot be learnt through natural instincts. It requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding. Leave aside the apps of the smartphones, most of the people don't know the exact function of all the buttons on the television remote. Many people somehow learn only the basic functions of switching on and off and become able to change the channels also in due course.

    Due to their irrepressible desire to look modern and sophisticated, many parents wish to know everything pretending that they are capable to learn the same, though the actual facts are otherwise.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    See it is very common for every human to get annoyed to someone on any things which that particular person don't want to hear or to do that sort of thing. Whereas about the communication of the parents and children, I think that the children should be strong enough to hear every sort of things of parents and to answer their every question which they want from us. Because it is the parents for whom we are here in this world they are our god and children should not be frustrated or get annoyed by their parents at any point of life.
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    Well, I have a personal experience of the same. My mother in law keeps asking me ( and son) about her smartphone. But yes, she is a quick learner. She quickly picks up the intricate tasks quite easily.

    I do not get annoyed when someone asks me on how to use a device. But I make it a point to let them do it themselves. I go on explaining and let them do it on their own. That way, they can easily grasp the steps involved.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    All are having different temperament and we all are guided with our own stinct. The annoyance won't be there in case I am involved in making them understand the intricacies of the smartphone. After all these generations deserve respect and sympathy from our end at their ripe old age. These generations took care of mine at all stages in my childhood encouraging me in the hours of crisis always helping me in the hours of emergencies. So a little help to make them understand the mechanisms associated with smart phone would make me happy from my inner core my heart. I am here to to help them a little bit to make them somewhat relaxed at their decaying stages.

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    Yes, anything can be learned at any stage, any age. Learning starts from curiosity in mind after seeing, hearing and knowing anything new. As we've learnt a lot of things form our parents, there is nothing wrong to teach and guide about the new gadgets and technologies which comes to market and then our houses. We shouldn't make them feel mediocre while doing or operating any gadget.
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    They may not get annoyed. But surely they get impatient as elders go slow and cautious in each step. It is better to tell them that parents did not get annoyed when the child was trying to walk and fall down. Each time the gentle hands of mother , father or grand parents supported him/her and encouraged to achieve the aim.
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    You need to be patient in making the concepts understandable to the elders. You should note that they will not be able to grasp the details so fast as you would want to. Getting annoyed just because they do not pick the concepts fast. Explain it to them with patience. And they will definitely appreciate you.
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    Correct! Present day people both in the roles as father and son do not have patience to explain the things to the others. They expect that the others should learn by themselves and they do not know the way of telling or explain the things. No parents are sitting by the side of their children while studying in house. They think their children should learn everything by themselves or through teachers only from their LKG level. Similarly they do not care on their parents also what they need and what are all the new appliances applicable to them and should tell them how to handle them etc., They do not know that the parents will grasp the things from them easily. A story I read in a book remember here. Once a boy took his mother and father from the village to his town. On the way the father asked the son, while travelling in train about the trains details as he saw such train first time. He asked this question and that question but the son sullen on him and told not to disturb him more and more. By hearing his sullen words, the father kept quite but mother started crying silently with rolling tears. Son by seeing this asked mother why such tears. Mother told amidst her cry,'Son, when you are five old child you have been taken by us in a train of that period and your father himself telling many things on the way but you are as a child, asking the same question many times to your father but your father never got annoyed but patiently and with joy explained the things as many times you asked him. Presently by seeing your reaction I just remembered that scene and think about your father's situation'.

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    Explaining something to someone with patience is a difficult task. But, it should be done. Now a days parents of teenagers may not know how to use smartphones etc,. So, they ask their children everything they don't know. And, some children are getting annoyed for that. It is completely wrong to do that. My mother still don't know how to operate a computer. But, she uses a smartphone and some basic apps in it like YouTube, Amazon. Flipkart etc,. because I taught her that. I feel proud to say that I didn't get annoyed even once while explaining how to use a smartphone. The children who get annoyed should know that they asked the same question repeatedly when they were kids and their parents didn't get annoyed for that. Anyways, they will realize it when they become parents and their children does the same to them.

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