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    Indians! Don't forget 16th August, 1946 (Direct Action Day)

    Pakistan was almost a foregone conclusion. But they wanted Calcutta (now Kolkata). So, Jinnah called for Direct Action. Muslim League Prime Minister (at that time Chief Minister was called Prime Minister) Shaheed Suhrawardy declared public holiday on 16th August, 1946 and sent all the armed police to their barracks. On the morning, Santosh Kumar Bhattacharya, like all other days, went to the nearby sweet shop at Park Circus to purchase Kachori and Jalebi for breakfast. He was stabbed to death. Riot started. The goondas of Muslim League had a free hand to kill, rape and destroy. From the second day onward, ordinary, common Hindus resisted. Gopal Mukherjee (a mutton-shop owner at College Street), taxi-drivers of Kidderpore and Bhowanipore and fish-sellers all over Calcutta led the resistance and retaliation, when they saw the Muslim League Provincial Government was openly helping the goondas. During the next two days, continuous attack and counter-attack took place at every locality. The non-violent leaders of Congress and (Muslim League supporter) Left leaders were silent. When the Hindus started getting upper hand and the goondas were at the receiving end, Suhrawardy pleaded to Gandhi to impress upon Hindus to stop the retaliation. The vultures covered the sky of Calcutta during the next one month.

    Even today, many old people of Calcutta (my old mother included) remember the horrible slogan:"Hath-me biri, Mukh-me pan, Ladke lenge Pakistan" along with religious war-cry.

    Let us remember the forgotten people who fought back and saved Calcutta during the three momentous days. They prevented mass exodus of Hindus from Calcutta and thus prevented the effort of the Muslim League to force British to include Calcutta in Pakistan. Let us not forget History. People who forget History are the most unfortunate and they are prone to repeat the same mistake.
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    The Bengal was first divided in the year 1905 into two provinces - the East Bengal and the West Bengal from the administration point of view. The East Bengal was dominated by the Muslims and the West Bengal was dominated by the Hindus. However, in the year 2011, the two provinces were united again. I think the seed of partition of India later in the year 1947 were sowed in the year 1905 itself with the partition of Bengal.

    There were 56% Muslims as against 42% of Hindus in Bengal in those days. Bengal was the only province in India in which a Muslim League Government was in power. Initially, the 1946 Cabinet Mission to India had proposed a new Dominion of India and its Government after independence but the Muslim League had soon proposed an alternative plan to divide India into a Hindu-majority India and a Muslim-majority Pakistan which was rejected outright by the Indian National Congress.

    Originally, only a general strike was planned by the Muslim League on 16 August, 1946 terming it as the 'Direct Action Day', to protest the rejection by the Indian National Congress and assert its demand for a separate Muslim homeland which turned into massive riots, killing more than 4,000 people and rendering about 100,000 residents homeless in Calcutta (now Kolkatta) within 3 days.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes after 70 years 16.8.16, the remembrance of history should be passed on to our youngsters.

    On a lighter note. in Tamil there is a film which has a climax on the last day of pre-independence (Madarasa Pattanam) and I hope these kind of movies people may at least try to remember the dates in history particularly youngsters as the feeling after these many years has been reduced.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    #575557: Madam, most respectfully I beg to submit there is no scope of 'lighter note' in respect of 16th August, 1946. The day brings back painful memory.
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    Appreciation to the author for bringing this great information for the first time in ISC. Frankly speaking I was not aware of it and it is the new information for me. Likewise in Hyderabad also we used to say that our ladies are enough to fight against Pakistan and get that for us. But we are restraining ourselves and that weakness is well used by the Pakistan by sending terror troops to our country now and then. Pakistan must always remember that they are hardly 1/4th size of India and they should not wag their tail and then give warnings of war. India is most respectable country and we do not want to initiate war for no purpose but our armed forces are ever ready.
    K Mohan
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    First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Partha Kansabanik for providing some important information about Indian history once again. What I feel is that India should use some of its weapons and wipe out some part of Pakistan. Then, we can live in peace. Everyone knows that Pakistan is the major cause of terrorism in India but nobody is doing anything against them to stop their wrongdoings. And, how did the Muslims think of attacking Hindus if they are outnumbered? I mean, Hindus are the majority in India, right? By the way, can you translate the slogan "Hath-me biri, Mukh-me pan, Ladke lenge Pakistan" Mr. Partha Kansabanik? I couldn't understand it.

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