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    Do the articles on admission alerts and notifications fetch more traffic?

    We all know that contributing articles in the resources of ISC is more rewarding in terms of earning points as well as cash credits compared to contributing in other sections.

    Now the point revolves around selecting the topics for developing articles. I think that the articles on admission alerts and notifications fetch more traffic compared to other topics of general nature. Am I correct?

    As a matter of recently, I have developed the following article keeping in mind that the same may prove useful to the new authors -

    How to develop articles on admission alerts and notifications at ISC

    I request the fellow ISCians to offer their comments on the subject matter.
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    Yes it is question of common sense to understand that during admission time. the parents, students, friends and well wishers would browse the internet for admission notifications and updates on that. Therefore there would be heavy traffic for admission related posts and ISC has been insisting members to post the same and reap the benefit. In fact there was special thread on Foreign education and that contest was well participated and well rewarded by ISC.
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    I think you are correct Mr. Kailash Kumar. In my opinion, Jobs and Admission related articles fetch more traffic to ISC. The other articles may not be in the first three pages of Google search if they are general topics and articles on them are present in multiple web sites in the internet. On the other hand, if those articles are based on unique topics, they will be listed in top 5 results of Google search. By the way, I just read your article briefly. You mentioned all the tips I know and many tips I didn't know. It would be really helpful to members who want to post such articles.

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    Yes, there are huge amount of people who want to search about admission in various sector according to their own needs, so I think admission of anything which is need of the hour is very important and as well as most searchable in Google search or with any other search engine. I think the article not only about admission but the article which has trend of the present hour are most searchable on net, people search only those things on net which they want form net to show them. So article about admission is also a good choice.
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    Perhaps the ISC management should consider encouraging admission alert/notification articles by devising certain plans like awarding bonus points/cash credits in deserving cases.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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