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    House Wife's can work at home.

    Hello Friends,

    Today I wish to say about working at home. Since I am a house wife now and also was earlier working outside I Know what difficulties we ladies bare if we are working outside also. But as I have seen most of the house wives after finishing their regular work they sit watching television or make a group and chat outside. I think its waste of time. Please instead utilise the leisure time. We women's have "N" number of talents. The only mistake we do is we just snub them because of surrounding people or any other personal reason. But please never do that. Bring out your talent so that you will be respected everywhere and also if you take it as an employment you earn something. As one Example '' has given a very good opportunity to speak all about good and bad reviews. The happiest part is that you earn also for every review and for every good activity, sharing your knowledge or gaining some knowledge etc. In the same way you can bring your talent in any form either by stitching, painting, embroidery, jewellery making etc where for all these there are wide demand.

    Secondly those who have internet knowledge can earn by on-line working sites but please remember don't pay any money for any site. The site that asks you money is bound to be fake. If your very keen in working online I will be recently blogging about working online and pasting the URL in forum. Any body can use that site.
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    I really appreciate the new author for making a passionate appeal to the housewives across country to make use of this site and get benefited through their writing and reviewing skill. Surely many housewives are wasting their time on gossip and other immaterial things and instead they can log on with this site , improve knowledge and also get name and fame they deserve. Surely husbands also wont mind about their wives joining this site which is betterment for them and their children, By the way the housewives also gets accustomed to latest happening in this country and give their valuable feed back which even reaches the government.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thank you Mr. K Mohan for your response in my thread and for supporting my thought.

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    As far as I can see, all the housewives across the world particularly India must join IndiaStudyChannel and should try to be regular by being active on the website for 1 or 2 hours daily as the time permits. Such can activity can replace activities like watching television serials, gossiping on the phone and remaining busy on social networking sites.

    Such members can raise questions also in the ask expert section related to anything including education and career related queries pertaining to their children and develop articles on various issues including admission alerts and notifications.

    The educated women can tutor their children and pay particular attention in grooming them as a good citizen and student. Being able to raise a child successfully is perhaps one of the best achievements for the parents. As a matter of fact, it is a full-time activity in itself.

    Regarding, pursuing other hobbies and activitites the same can go concurrently.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree to the most o the thread message. However I want to give a caution that ISC should not be contemplated as an alternative to regular employment . The first line in first person about working outside and inside may give a notion that the author is recommending ISC as an alternative to regular employment. ISC is bets an additional revenue. Only a few people may be earning amounts which can be near to that of some jobs.

    But for those who, till now and as of now simply while away time in non-productive wasteful activities, ISC can be a good proposition, better than nothing and a useful engagement.

    While I welcome the last line"I will be recently blogging about working online and pasting the URL in forum. Any body can use that site.", I would request to give an unbiased opinion with a hands on experience, rather than just quoting some URL.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    First of all I would like to thanks author for starting such thread, House wives does not mean they have so much time to watch television and gossiping. This does not happen with each and every woman. But still after finishing tehir house hold work, they have some spare time, which they can be used at various place, as per tehir availability of resources like knowledge, skills, opportunity etc. You can choose online writing, giving on line tuition, can do stitching, can help some NGOs, can create group to work together. etc. Also ladies can run canteen ( supply cooked food) during lunch and dinner as this is part of their regular life and job. But always cross check in which you can perform, do not follow other who are earning good money from a particular task.

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    I appreciate Ms. gsadhiks for giving the tips "utilize the leisure time", "don't pay any money for any site" which are very very important but not followed by many people. There are many ways in which we can earn from internet. ISC is one of the best. Some other web sites may give more money but only the experts can earn from them. And, learning will be given less priority in some web sites. In ISC, anyone can learn as well as earn. Not only from internet, anyone can earn some income by doing any of the things mentioned like stitching, painting etc,.

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    I agree the word women have 'n' number of talents. It is clear to know the truth behind the word when we see that a women has folded portfolios. A man may be work as clerk to president of a company but a women is running her role automatically as inherited not by any promotion etc., She is honoured in all respects since many decades especially in our India we give a higher most position to women with respect. But without understanding the reality some women associations are fighting for freedom etc., No really understood women will approach for a divorce or separation only half boiled people do such work. As pointed out by the author many housewife women are not free now in houses as they have got their own work or assignments. My mother and my wife used to tell no housewife is free if she really dedicated to the household works.

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