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    Not a good practice to dine outside...............

    Dear Friends,

    As when weekend comes most of the family's go out to dine or have chats or snacks. These type of habits are good only if its once in a 2-3 months, not weekly. Why I wish to say is in Bangalore most of the family's go out in weekend or when they finish their duty time. Most of them think that they want to enjoy with their family at least week ends. Definately its not wrong but the same time if we prepare at home its really very good for our own health and for our loved ones. Especially for kids because by eating all these junk foods children are putting on lot of over weight which is surely not good for their health. We don't no what kind of hygienic food we are eating whether the items done by them is of good quality or not. We only see the taste, don't bother of our health. Our elders are still strong because they use to never have these type of junk foods. We at 40 only are getting BP, Diabetes etc. that's all because of our food habits. The intention of creating this thread as discussion forum is that by reading this at least try to prepare at your homes and enjoy of having good health.

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    Dining out is an economic affair. It involves expenditure which directly depends on what type of eating activity is performed outdoors. On an average taking dinner in a good restaurant may cost about Rs. 500 per head. Therefore the primary factor is the affordability, though there are few smarter one who have a very deep knowledge about the availability of eatables at an affordable cost in the bylanes of the city.

    One of my friends who owns a restaurant has revealed that eating is also addictive in nature like smoking and drinking. Those who get addicted to the high-calorie food available outside, never get satiated by the home cooked food. It is not that only nowadays, junk food has become popular. Even in the past all kinds of sweets and deep fried food items were popular among the gourmets.

    Many people take 'jalebi' and 'kachori' bought from outside joint even in the breakfast. The modern home delivery system has further added fuel to the fire.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Ordering the menu is an art, whether it is a small restaurant or a big one. Giving a small example, one of my teacher who add sugar in her tea, but when she ask to have tea from a small tea vendor she always ask for without sugar, as she believe that that shop does not keep sugar free tea and will make her a fresh cup of tea. Similarly if you are going for outing with your children, do not order for non-veg items as they keep it frozen for more than a week, because most of restaurants does not do daily shopping. Try to order Rice, Roti, Dal, Cured, salads, such items, also can order for vegetable items like Paneer, Mushroom etc.

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    Dear Members,
    All are not good cooks, and we do not have expert cooks at home. One should be very fortunate to marry a girl with good cooking ability. It is one's destiny to eat whatever his wife cooks. So it is better to give off to the kitchen and the wife, and taste the junk food outside the home. Nothing wrong in it. Week-ends are the preferable days to enjoy different varieties of food from out side. Then our pocket should be big enough to carry good cash or a debit card with good bank balance, or to suffer with the credit card after the Man-pasanth food varieties.

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    Though we write and preach against eating out side food, we often end up supporting the same and yield to the request of family members and also the relatives who happen to visit us suddenly and we have to take help of hotels or fast food centers for that timely food supply. By the way we cannot reject all the out side food joints or hotels. There are some food courts which has highly professionalized service offers. In one of the sweet shops nearby my house, I have seen a Gujarati family totally dedicated themselves for serving the people with Bread Pakoda, Kachori, Samosa, Dokla and many other items which are prepared in hygienic way in front of us and the packing is also done without touching the items with their hands. They wear glouse and pack the items . More over their home prepared jam or the red chutney is the highlight and they mix the onions with that of carrot and other vegetables which make a good salad along with the items. The rates are also reasonable.
    K Mohan
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    Eating junk foods may cause many problems like obesity, digestive disorders etc,. Many fast food centers etc,. won't maintain any cleanliness. As there will be a wall separating the cooking place and the eating place, we won't notice their cleanliness. I once saw a cooking place in a popular restaurant and that is the moment I felt most disgusted in my life. I am like, Am I eating this garbage? In a restaurant which maintains cleanliness, the prices will be at peaks. So, it is better to limit the amount of outside food intake.

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    Dining out shouldn't be a habit or compulsory for a families to eat outside in every weekend. There are several side-effects of dining out like, lack of improper nutritional values in food, fast food and junk or masala materials every item, unhygienic conditions, cold storage of vegetables for long time and many more.
    Many people used to go for candle light dinners, which is completely restricted as per Hindu Shastras and Science. While eating the food items must be seen clearly as there must be sufficient light that keeps away from small insects; in addition light is a source of energy that helps us for better digestion; due to which in day time we may eat 2-3 times but in night a light food also takes more time for digestion.

    Naresh Kumar
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    I don't think that dining outside is as bad a thing as it is made out to be in this thread. In fact, it is one of the rare occasions when family & friends get an opportunity to bond and have an actual conversation! Otherwise today all the time people are glued to their smart phones, hardly communicating to each other. My sister once said she won't be surprised if the next generation does away with even email communication and everything will be solely via WhatsApp!!

    Dining out is also not all about eating junk food. You can enjoy perfectly healthy nutritional food, that too a variety of cuisine which you are unlikely to have ever at home. For example, just this last weekend, we dined out at a new restaurant and enjoyed a variety of breads as starters, Risotto and Thai curry for mains, Fruit Bloom tea and finally Tiramisu & Red Velvet cake as desserts. It was all good, healthy nutritional food.

    As for candlelight meals, well, how unromantic if one bothers about the Shastras! Should not one enjoy meals - candelit or not - without bothering about such things?

    Managing Editor,

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    Dining out is good if the frequency is kept only once in every month. Otherwise, it is an wasteful expenditure.
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    It is a myth that the older generation is healthier. Everyone I know (in the age group of 50 and above) suffers from some ailment or the other. Their ailments include lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes and of course other health problems such as rheumatic arthritis, knee pain, kidney stones, hyperacidity, heel spur etcetera. These are people who have practiced advice that you so freely offer, all their lives. No eating out – and eating home cooked healthy meals.

    I agree with you that incidence of lifestyle diseases are on the rise and that they are linked to the new food fads. Please note that not everything served at restaurants is junk food. We first need to understand what junk food is before labelling everything served at restaurants as junk food. Junk food has a low in nutritive content.

    The main issue with eating out is the excessive use of fats in the preparation of dishes. There is so much of oil floating in every dish served at most restaurants that one can skim off the oil using the serving spoon. These cooking mediums are generally unhealthy fats, regular consumption of which can cause health problems.

    Everything is fine in moderation. I would not take your advice, to not eat out at all. That would be too restrictive. We should learn to balance our lives and make time for exercise and eating healthy when we are not partying. That is the only way to remaining healthy.

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    We should not go out regularly to enjoy the food outside. There could be some occassions when we cannot avoid going to the restaurant. It is alright to taste the junk food once in a while. We should also change our restaurants for different tastes. My children used to propose and plan the visit to the restaurant of their choice once in a fortnight. The restaurant once visited will not be visited again.

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    Dining outside once in a while is not bad and that doesn't harm health in anyway. People need some change and they go out for dinner with family and also the other reason is so spend some nice time with family which is otherwise difficult at home as they will be involved in other house hold work.

    Also as per one of the response, ordering food is indeed an art. You should order what is good and healthy.

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    It all comes to one point, Immunity. If you are immune, you can even digest a rock, else even digesting a carrot looks like a Herculean task. So why not feed your body different varieties daily, and make it immune to everything! So you won't be food poisoned in future.
    Well, we should make sure we are not taking in excess of junk sometimes though.

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