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    Beware of quacks also known as Bengali doctor in north India

    Efficiency of quack doctors, Details about quacks or quack doctors, Beware of quacks.

    It is estimated that about 10 lakh quacks are practicing allopathic medicine in India out of which about 4 lakh belong to practitioners of Indian medicine systems like Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani. Many patients suffer from major health setback or even die due to receiving allopathic treatment from unqualified quacks.

    Quacks are classified in following three categories -
    1. Quacks who have no qualification at all
    2. Persons who are not qualified to practice Allopathy (modern medicine) but are practicing the same. Such practitioners have qualifications in Ayurvedic, Siddha, Unani, Homeopathy, Naturopathy systems.
    3. Practitioners of Alternative System of Medicine, electro-homeopathy, indo-allopathy etc. , the terms which find no mention in the concerned Acts.

    In the north India, many quacks operate, who are neither from West Bengal nor from Bangladesh yet they are known as Bengali doctors.

    Beware of quacks also known as Bengali doctor in north India.
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    Not only North India those quacks are very much present in Hyderabad city too they make pamphlet advertisement on buses on other places for the treatment of piles and fistula. Some so called doctors are also advertising for treatment to sexual disorders. I just cannot understand that when the police knows that they are the fake doctors and how come they are allowing them to carry on the business. What is more astonishing is the fact that some of the so called doctors are also invited for the mass medical camps to solicit their services too for the well being of mass. And the police were just spectators.
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    I am hearing the word Quacks for the first time. But, such doctors are present not only in the North India but also in South India. There are many such doctors who claim that they will provide a treatment for a less cost when compared to other doctors. So, poor people may fall for that and get treatment from them and suffer later. I once heard that one such doctor's false treatment cost more than ten people their eyes. All such doctors should be jailed or at least severely punished and be stripped of their medical degrees.

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    yes, as said by #575632 there are many doctors not only in north, south, west or east side but in whole country. They are actually not qualified to be called a doctor, a doctor profession is insulted by this kind of people, they are just made doctor to steal money from the people and fill their own pockets. There prescribed medicine are very wrong and can cause serious damage to ones health and in some cases, we can hear in News channel that a doctor from unknown university has taken 4 person life or 3 person life etc, I think it has become a very common news for everyone sitting at home and seeing the news channel, so the people should educated enough to distinguish between right doctor and wrong doctor.
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    Yeah, yeah! Quacks are every where! Where ever there is scope to fool, quacks find money.
    So aren't we the ultimate cause of our own demise? Isn't our ignorance devouring us?
    Why resort to "bengali babas" when there are many ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors all over India? Because we always run behind quick and immediate relief.
    And these quacks exploit our beliefs and leave us in delusion. So don't let them play with your faith.

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    Incidentally, the B.A.M.S. degree holders have permission to practice modern/ allopathic medicine in the state of Maharashtra.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Quack doctors are indeed, everywhere and had always been a part of our country. It is a sad fact that these people flourish even today and may continue to do so in future, on the expense of many innocent people, their trust and their lives. These fake doctors may not even have basic education or knowledge of biology but promise to cure everything from baldness to cancer. They may be even sell their own concoctions, oils and powders or rolled up pills in cheap plastic or glass containers with out ever mentioning the ingredients in it, they can contain anything from sugar and water to dangerous chemical colours, alcohols, steroids, several herbs weeds, grass, animal products like blood, bone and banned allopathic medicines for various ailments like depression diabetes, hypertension etc. In a way ignorant people and their attitude helps these fake, unqualified doctors to thrive. When people suffer from various illnesses ranging from minor body pains, cough and cold, flu, joint pains to deadly and incurable diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and HIV. While some people can get good treatment in hospitals, they turn to the quacks for their illnesses, in a hope for faster cure, believing, the quacks, who are always ready with their cure it all medicines. These cunning fake doctors even hire people to give fake testimonials and promote their medicines as being cheep and safe. My very own aunt had cancer and since she was in her final stages of it, she was discharged from hospital but in a desperate hope to survive she consulted a quack herbal doctor, who sold his bitter and very expensive concoctions to her, she spent a fortune on them but her condition only worsened. That quack is still famous and growing like a weed, cheating innocent people and extorting money from unsuspecting people. I also believe that as long as there are ignorant people, these quacks will stick around, with their promises and fake cures ,extracting every penny from the desperate people.

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    The first modern Medical College of Asia was established in Calcutta (Calcutta Medical College). The other Medical Colleges of India were established much later. Earlier physicians from Calcutta used to establish medical practices in entire North India, even upto Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar. They enjoyed tremendous goodwill all over India.

    The present-day quacks are trying to misuse the goodwill of those bygone-era Bengali doctors. 99.9% of them are not Bengalis. Beware of them.

    I have noticed similar trends in respect of 'Tantrik' rituals. In Delhi, posters can be seen about persons who perform various rituals, 'jadu-tona', etc. for various purposes like child-birth, success in love/marriage, gaining property and to settle similar problems. They call themselves 'Bangali Tantriks'. They are not Bengalis. They are not even Hindus. They indulge in various criminal activities. Beware of them-don't fall in their trap.

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