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    Are MNCs looting India like East india Company?

    Nowadays, an advertisement is regularly being broadcasted on television in which none other than Baba Ramdev representing Patanjali Ayurveda comparing the multinational rivals with the historical East India Company.

    The ad reads that - 'though we got freedom 70 years back but economic freedom is still a dream' and ' the way East India Company enslaved and looted us, the multinational companies are still doing the same by selling soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cream , powder and similar items of daily items at exorbitant price'.

    Are MNCs looting India like East India Company?
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    For the past three months I am watching with much interest the precarious situations being faced by Multi National Companies, which where either too selling their products like a maska. Now Baba Ramdev's Patanjali products were totally invaded their market share and having baffled with this sudden boom within three months, the very survival of them is at stake. I was watching the Colgate advertisement which stress that over the generations the legacy has been passed the trust is still is continuing. I wont agree with that advertisement. For example I was also the ardent user of Colgate and their shampoo. But for the last three months I switched my loyalty to Patanjali Danti kanti and Dant kesh and thus I have forgotten the Colgate brand totally. Likewise I was using the Ashirwad atta and now I am using Patanjali atta. What I observed in the past that every time when we buy those MNC products, the rates are increased for no reason and we were at the receiving end.
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    It is obvious that MNC's are looting India like East India Company. India has many talented people when compared to other countries. Similar to foreign brands, Indian companies are also producing many products. But the reach for Indian products is very less among the people when compared to other foreign products. With the name of the brand and the gained popularity among the people, the International brands are releasing new products and are attracting the Indians. We Indians fail to understand the quality and the price of the Indian Products. There are many quality products produced by the Indians in almost every field. If Indians prefer to use International products then the market value for those products will be high and the Indian products will lose its popularity in its own land. The craze for the International products is high among the Indians and so by utilizing the craze of the people, the MNCs are looting money from the Indians.

    To decrease the market value of International products and to increase the brand value of the Indian products, the people should definitely start using the Indian products. It is not necessary that one should use Patanjali products there are lot more Indian products available in the market. Daily many advertisements for Indian products are broadcasted in TVs and Radio's but still the reach is less.

    If we analyse our daily use products then 75-80% of the products will be from the International brands.
    Listed below are some of the Indian brands and products

    Soap - Himalaya, Mysore sandal, Medimix, Cinthol, Chandrika, Margo, Santoor, etc.
    Tooth paste- Dabur products, Anchor, Neem, Himalaya, Vico Vajra Danthi,etc.
    Shaving Cream- Godrej, Park Avenue
    Shampoo- Himalaya, Dabur Vatika, Godrej, Nirma, etc
    Talcum Powder- Cinthol, Gokul, Santoor
    Washing powder- Nirma, Ujala
    Washing liquid- Wipro safe wash
    Perfume- Park Avenue
    Milk powder- Amul, Amulya, Mother Dairy
    Tea and Coffee powder- Tata Tea, Chambala Tea Powder, AVT Tea, Narasus Coffee, Leo Coffee, Girnaar, Indian Cafe
    Salt- Tata Salt
    Home appliances brand- Exide, V Guard, Videocon, Crompton Greaves, HCL, IFB, Bajaj, Wipro
    Clothing brands- Raymond, Mafatlal, Bombay Dying, American Swan, Gini&Jony, Globus, Cambridge, Oxemberg, John Players, Monte Carlo Fashions limited, Khadi, Peter England,
    Watches- Titan, HMT. Fast Track
    Automobiles- Tata, Mahindra, Hero, Bajaj, TVS motors, Ashok Leyland, etc.
    Biscuits- Sunfeast, Parle, Britannia, Tiger, etc.
    Luggage bags- VIP, Wildcraft
    Footwear- Paragon, Lakhani, VKC Pride, Khadims, Lunar Footwear

    We Indians would have heard about the above mentioned Indian products but till today we have neglected many of those brands and are using the International products like Colgate, Closeup, Pantene, Head &Shoulders,Sunrise, Nescafe, Gillete, Cocacola, Pepsi, Vivel, Ponds, Samsung, Honda, Yamaha,Nike, Adidas,Kisan, Pilsbury,Nestle, HUL products and a lot more international products.

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    The Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. was one Indian company founded by Prafulla Chandra Roy in Kolkata (then Calcutta) in the year 1901 manufacturing household Indian products like Hospitol, Naphthalene balls and Phenyl etc. However, the company fell sick and was nationalized on 15.12.1980.
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    It is a fact that multi national companies are looting India like East India Company. Suppose we see a Lays chips packet and some Indian made chips packet, most of us may prefer Lays even if it is costly by thinking that Lays provides quality. But, it is wrong. The chips in a Lays packet can be made for Rs. 2 but the packet is sold for Rs. 10. The same is the case with Coca Cola too. Some years back, my brother went to a Coca Cola factory on a field trip. They learnt from the workers there that a Coca Cola bottle sold for Rs. 15 can be made with less than Rs. 5. We are addicted with the products of multi national companies. Now a days, Indian products are giving a tough competition, especially the Patanjali products. Many people shifted to Patanjali from multi national brands. That's a good change. And, I appreciate Ms. Soundharya for mentioning a lot of useful data in her response #575653.

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    I am with the author of this thread. This is because; one of my friend works on MNC company since three to four years but there is no any special benefits. Similarly we use products of MNC companies with high rates compare than our Indian companies' rates
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