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    Does your family doctor treat you immediately or prolong with medications ?

    In this modern era we are confronting with different diseases and that needs a qualified doctor to address our concerns and needs immediate attention of treatment and well being. Often doctors have been qualified long back and they are not aware about latest medical advancement and also they are becoming baffled with new kind of diseases which they never came across so far. Do you have faith in your family doctor ? Does he understands your disease and try to cure it immediately ? Or does he has the habit of prolonging the treatment just for getting more money out of that so called disease ?
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    There are many issues involved. It depends on the type of ailment and the experience of the doctor also. Generally, experienced doctors are able to diagnose the common ailments like cold, cough, fever etc. very quickly and prescribe certain common medicines. In developed countries , doctors generally don't prescribe antibiotics in such simple cases. Indian doctors are more prone to prescribe a lot of medicines even when the same are not absolutely required.

    Like an experienced motor mechanic who comes to know about the defect just by hearing the sound of the engine, experienced doctors come to know about the seasonal problems like viral fever etc. immediately.

    Nowadays, generally, there is a tendency on the part of physicians to earn money through a referral system. Doctors get commissions from the diagnostic laboratories, private hospitals and the chemist as well. One is lucky if he/she is able to find a reliable and trustworthy doctor. Generally, the families who live in the same locality forever come in contact with a physician in the locality and start calling them as their family doctor. However, for complicated cases, they have to refer to specialists only.

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    Yeah there are many doctors who just work for making more money out of patients, and it is also true that there are doctors who after getting a degree also learn everyday so that he/she can be aware of new kinds of disease. And my doctor, I believe him fully as he is being seeing my family health from long times. And he also said me that now a day the doctors are following newspaper daily, so that they can be aware of new Diseases which are been new now a day and they also have to read about certain medicine which are upgrading after every months. So it not an easy job for the doctor, as they have to continue read about every single update about medical science. It is very tough for them, because one side they have to study and in another side they should be ready to face new challenges everyday.
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    Well, I don't have a family doctor. Generally, family doctors are skilled at an average level. So, they can find and prescribe medicines for common diseases like cold, fever etc,. but, they may not find an uncommon disease even if it is dangerous. So, it is better to have a family doctor if monthly health checkup is needed. Otherwise, it is better to prefer any other doctor for an yearly health checkup. In case the family doctor is highly skilled, there is no problem. As far as I know, family doctors are less likely to prolong the treatment for money.

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