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    Do not worry about a person ahead of you, but watch the moves of person following you !

    There is always some similarities between when we are walking on the road or park and with that of our real life. We need not worry about those who have already crossed us and walking ahead of us, but we must worry about those who are following very closely behind us and they have the chance of over taking. Even in life too we should not bother about those who have qualified and settled in their life but watch for those who rose from rubble and making strides in their life with excellent performance and that may even over take us. That way we can also forge ahead to some extent.
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    Your advise will only help in slowing down our progress. If we make 'watching those behind us' our purpose in life, how will we grow? Our focus on ourselves will be based on the capabilities of someone lagging behind us. That someone may not necessarily be our ideal competition. The real competition or challenges we face are from those ahead of us. If we want to succeed, we must take strides to be able to match their speed and competence. Their success should drive us in giving life our best.

    In watching those behind us we might limit ourselves to securing our number two position, but that is about it. We will work with limited motivation, which will perhaps keep us a few paces ahead of the one behind. In life we must push ourselves to the extreme, to overcome all obstacles, instead of worrying about what we have left behind. That according to me is the mantra for success.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Perhaps we should watch all concerned who matter, irrespective of the fact as to whether they are ahead or behind. By watching the people ahead of us we can very well realize that whatever we have achieved so far is not the end and there is still scope for further improvement. We need not blindly follow others and have to be primarily happy and content with whatever we have but without having any ego or inferiority complex about the same

    The people who are lagging behind can be looked at but only for extending a helping hand to them so as to facilitate their progress. But generally such a tendency is less seen in the society.

    The fact remains that there is no end of human potential. They have done wonders in the past , doing at present and will continue to do so.

    Milkha Singh had missed his Olympic medal only due to looking back to gauge as to how ahead he is with his competitors.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Why we need to consider others? If we don't have a desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way or in any form then we will surely meet the point of success in our life. If we are in a competition and if we consider ourselves as a tough competitor then definitely we can win. While running the life race or any other race, it is best not to consider the people around us as the competitors. If we consider others as competitors then unwanted ego, jealous and other negative impacts may rise in our minds. If we consider our own achievements as a target and if we try to break our previous achievements then that is the true success. Being ourselves is always better than following others. If we run our own race without seeking the help from others then definitely we can hoist the flag of success one day. We can learn things from the success persons and can fine tune ourselves but if we think about the persons ahead or behind us every time, then we may fail. So to win a situation or a race, it is always better to run on our own track with 100% hard work, determination and dedication.

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    Never be conscious of what others are doing, whether in front of us or behind us. Simply focus on one's own goals and aim for them.
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    I partially agree with you Mr. Mohan. Suppose you are the topper in your field, you need to watch the moves of person following you and try your best to stay in the top position. In any other case, if we do not worry about a person ahead of us and watch the moves of person following us, there will be no chance to develop. Suppose I stop watching the ISC members with a better rank than me and start watching the members with a rank after mine, I cannot develop. I don't mean that member rank is the only criterion for development. I just took it as an example.

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