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    Two sad cases of honour killing in modern-day India

    Honour killing is an ill of the society. This ill signifies restriction on women imposed by the society. Media, liberals and feminists are generally very vocal against honour killing. So, the cases of honour killing must be brought to public to name and shame the perpetrators.

    There are two recent honour killings in India. In the first case, Jasmine Shaikh, a 19 year old girl from Mahammadiyapalem village in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her house by a relative. Neighbours and relatives of the girl caught hold of V Srisai, a first year B.Tech student, and his firend Pavan Kumar, a first year Degree student, and locked them in a room where they were beaten up with sticks, cricket bats and belts. Chilly powder was put on their eyes. By the time police arrived, Srisai had lost consciousness and Pavan Kumar had been a very critical condition. He was taken to Guntur Government Hospital.

    In a similar incident, Sonu, a 22 year old Scheduled Caste craftsman, was hacked to death in full public view by his brother-in-law. When his wife Danishta Begum (21 year) tried to intervene, her brother Alim slit her throat as well. This incident happened in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh. The couple had a court marriage only four months ago against the wish of the bride's family.

    Very astonishingly, media, liberals and feminists of India are very silent about these two unfortunate cases of honour killing.
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    Honor killings are acts of vengeance committed by the male family members on a female family member. It is perceived by the perpetrators that the female member has brought dishonor upon the family. Generally, death is the punishment in such cases though other forms of criminal acts like organ mutilation, acid attacks, abduction, physical torture are also resorted to in certain cases.

    Such an act is not limited to India but prevalent all over the world in different societies and cultures in various forms. Generally, many members of an extended family plan the act together. In India often decisions are taken at the community level by Khap panchayats. Rarely men are also subjected to honor killings.

    It was estimated by the United Nations in the year 2000 that about 5,000 women every year fall prey to honor killings though BBC had cited an estimate of about 20,000 honor killings worldwide.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    But my question is why Indian media, liberals and feminists are so silent? Don't they know about these two cases?
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    #575662 : I think they are afraid that they will be killed too.

    Honor killings must be considered as a bigger crime than a general murder. How can some persons be that brutal? I am talking about that idiot Alim here. The worst part is that, if somebody supported the couple, he might have killed the supporter too. If somebody was physically strong and handled him properly, police would have arrested that person too. Its the fault in our system. If the people who do honor killings are severely punished (severe than death), the others will be afraid even to think of doing such killings.

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    I am really interested to have valuable comments of other Members of ISC on these two particular cases of honour-killing, because honour-killings are severely criticized by liberals an feminists.
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