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    Indian hockey teams got only peanuts to eat at Rio embassy

    The Indian embassy invited Indian men and women national hockey team on a party arranged on the Independence Day of India. And what was served in the party? Believe it or not, all that they were served was some beer, snacks and peanuts. Yes peanuts! As a result they more or less had to leave with empty stomachs. Needless to say, the national players representing India in the Olympics were not happy or amused, because they had cancelled their dinner at the Games village.

    This is the way we treat our national players and then expect they would bring medals for the country!The Government may immediately take necessary action against the responsible officers working in the Indian embassy at Rio.
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    This is really not good, as we send our people outside our country with believe that they will be secure and will be fit enough to win gold medals for our country, and what happens is that our national players have to sleep with empty stomach, this is really not tolerable at all as they went there for make our country proud in front of other countries and the officials who went there with our country sport person should be careful enough to see that they are getting every facility and food as it is very much essential to do good.
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    This is really a matter of upset for us! I don't understand why so called people were sent look after them; they're just enjoying themselves with travelling and eating. They're not at all looking after the players at all. As I said earlier, when the beginning is wrong how the whole story could be right? I am astonished with the servings to our hockey teams in world event like Olympics. What the misery is going on there by our government authorities and management need to scrutinise immediately. Otherwise, they may do anything to our players by spoiling their career and India's esteem in world map of Olympics.
    Naresh Kumar
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    The sports officials are enjoying, the players are starving and we, the common people of India, are discussing why the country's medal tally is still zero!
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    Please remember that the Indian Embassy in Rio hosted a courtesy party in honour of the olympian hockey players of India, to feel at home. The party must be a courtesy and a good gesture . It might have been a simple drink party or tea party that we don't know. The sportsmen were not invited for a dinner party to fill in their stomach. After the party where they were served some beer, snacks and peanuts, should have had their normal dinner at their respective accommodation. We can't simply blame the Indian Embassy with peanuts. Peanut is the small eat provided with beer or any other liquor during the party.

    Moreover, sportsmen are always alert to check and eat their dishes. Also the hosts who would be very careful in providing dishes to sportsmen to avoid any complicated problem related to issues concerning the sports person.

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    #575720: Mr. Sun, what do you want to mean? Even in ordinary tea-parties, there are cakes, pastries, snacks and other food-items along with tea and coffee. I have attended some parties in different embassies/high-commissions. I have never seen only peanuts! This is definitely an insult to the representatives of the country in the Olympics. The Government need to take immediate action against the embassy-people.
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    Yes this is the clear case of insult to the Hockey team members and the Indian Embassy in Rio is totally responsible for serving peanuts instead of a grand Independence day party. By the way when the government is spending on such occasions what the bloody hell intervention from the officials who seems to be peeved with decimal performance of players at the Olympics. When Indians are celebrating Independence day elsewhere they must be treated with dignity and respect. When politicians can enjoy almost free meals in Parliament , then why not a grand party to the contingents of Olympics ?
    K Mohan
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    So sad to hear this. Everybody in our country blames the players for not winning any medals. But, nobody cares about how the players are being treated. Previously, the woman runner Dutee Chand was treated like this by providing an economy class ticket for a very long journey. Now, the Indian hockey team is served only peanuts. In both the cases, the authorities were the ones who enjoyed. What makes this more bad is that it is a party on the independence day (national pride) during the Olympics (international event).

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    Mr. Partha,
    It was only a beer party to interact with the embassy staff. It was only a courtesy party. Our Indian team did not go to Rio for partying with the dignitaries. They went to play games, not to eat varities of food. Moreover, the sportsman don't eat items like pastries cake and other junk eats to the brim of their stomach. The embassy might have provided the pea nuts as a small eat to support beer.

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    Mr. Sun, the national teams visiting foreign countries are always invited to dinner and other parties by the Ambassadors/High-Commissioners working in that particular country. This is an age-old tradition. You can't say: "They went to play games, not to eat varieties of food". If that is the case, the Embassy should not have invited the players. Why did they invite the players and then insult them?
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    Mr. Partha,
    Let us not degrade and insult the peanuts. Peanut has its own nutrient value. The Embassy staff might have thought it good to serve peanuts for the sportspersons of India to win some olympic medal after eating peanuts. I am serious about peanuts. And peanuts go well with the beer during a drink party.

    It is strange. Why no one questions about serving of Beer, an alcoholc beverage to the sportsperson, why only peanuts as a big issue?

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    #575835: Mr. Sun, I am always ready to enjoy beer with peanuts and cashew-nuts in good company, but not in empty stomach! Do you take beer with peanuts in empty stomach? Don't do this in future.
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    There is no question of empty stomach. Of course, we can have empty stomach before the breakfast. No one takes beer early in the morning. I enjoy beer before lunch or before dinner. Beer is a pre-lunch drink.

    I think, Partha takes beer after lunch or after dinner which is not a healthy practice.

    Members, Let us discuss - When to take beer? pre lunch or post lunch?

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    The two hockey teams (men and women) were out of competition and attended the event organised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. The players had cancelled their dinner at the Games Village expecting a full-course meal.

    The media entourage and other players were busy in covering the badminton and boxing matches. The celebration of the 70th Independence Day hosted by the Embassy of India in Brazil and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport became a low-key affair as the timing clashed with many key events that evening. Perhaps, had the hockey players won any medal, the scenario would have been different.

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    #575889: Mr. Sun: I always enjoy beer in the afternoon and other alcoholic beverages after 7 p.m and before 8.30 p.m (i.e., before the dinner).

    But the topic of the thread is the attitude of officials towards the sports-persons. Let's stick to the topic.

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