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    Indian Sports Minister Vijay Goel don’t know our Olympian Athletes

    Indian Sports Minister Vijay Goel, who's at Rio since one week before the game begins doesn't know our athletes and their names. It is really a matter of shameful for us. We all Indians are praying for our Olympians to bring a single medal, but our minister is wandering in Rio and doesn't know our athletes. He caught twice through his Twitter act in these days. Earlier he wished Srabani Nanda Odia Sprinter even after her loss. Second time he again wished with a wrong photo (of Dutee Chand) instead of Srabani Nanda. It became a issue in social media and he realised and changed the photo form his twit at evening; however at that time Srabani's race already finished and loss with 6th position.
    Two days back he twitted Deepa Karmakar as Deepa Karmanakar. What you think the ministers really need to show their interest on sports by putting such kind of wrong posts on media?
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    I sincerely recommend our PM to hold this sports ministry as additional portfolio of being Sports Minister of India. I find him enthusiastic, energetic and an able sportsman of Indian among the MPs present in our Parliament. Who is Vijay Goel and what is his strength on sports?
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    Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes too lack facilities but still become able to win medals perhaps because Ethiopia and Kenya don't have Vijay Goyal and Shobha De. The stories of Milkha Singh, Pan Singh Tomar, Sriram Singh, PT Usha and Mary Kom are well known to all concerned.

    It is neither the first time and nor the last time that the sports minister and sports administrators are strutting at the venue as sports tourists at the cost of the Government. In the year 2006 at the Asian Games in Doha, Suresh Kalmadi was spotted drunk at a media event .

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    For the first time this Olympics is proving to be shameful for India in many ways. First of all the choosing of right candidate who has the potential to bring gold, silver and bronze is missing. Secondly the arrangements to the contingent is decimal and there are reports of complaints from various players. Thirdly when the government knows that Olympics is the International sports event and our name is at stake, it must have engaged in rigorous training to all the players and that is totally failed. Lastly when the sports Minister is unaware of the players name, it is the mistake of his secretary who failed to get the details and thus PM Modi must be held responsible for all these short comings. At least for the next Olympics India must choose the right budding candidates, give rigorous training in their field and also give good facilities so that they would bring glory and medals for India and themselves.
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    Knowing situations like this one after one makes any Indian disgusted. First, Dutee Chand was provided economy class tickets for a very long journey whereas authorities had business class tickets. Then, the Indian hockey team was given only peanuts in the Independence day party. Now, this. He is the sports minister and is even staying in Rio but doesn't know about our athletes. The moment I saw the photo, I though she was Dutee Chand, I am a person who is almost a zero at current affairs etc,. Even I know some of our athletes. He, being a sports minister doesn't know this. Pathetic!

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