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    Absurd Odisha MLA Jogendra Behera, orders PSO to strap sandal during flag hoisting

    While stepping on the podium, the MLA and cabinet minister Jogendra asked his Personal Security Officer to remove his sandal belts and after flag hoisting to tie again the straps. When media asked about the scene, the minister gave a wonderful reply as, 'I'm a VIP, did flag hoisting; did he?' It gave an intense shock to the public and other administrative officers there.

    Later when he got know about his mischief, he uttered to media as his left leg is in lot of pain, due to which he asked the officer to do so.
    You can see the dress code of that minister with while pyjama and kurta, but behaving as a British officer to an Indian. What's your reaction on his act?
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    In future, we should ask our MLAs and MPs to undergo medical test and physical efficiency test. Fat belly MLAs and MPS should be asked to reduce their weight and size of their belly which is an obstruction for them to look down their own foot wear to wear it or remove it without any assistance of their supporters/securities/personal staff. In our Independent India politicians enjoy freedom while the others are like slaves to the politicians. This is what an Indian said to Gandhi in his dream on Independence day. Read the thread titled 'Mahatma in a dream of an Indian on Independence day."
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    Some politicians feel that when they come to the power whole world should listen to them. In democracy we elect all those Tom , Dick and Harry who never knows the rule of the life or rule of being a politician and simply take work from those officers who are just stationed as security and not his personal secretary. By seeing the photo I really got annoyed that such politicians must undergo rigorous training at any Institute which teaches ethics and public behavior. Even in Assemblies and Parliament, there must be ethic classes that should be taught on daily basis and they must be awarded marks for their understanding and following.
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    It is not the first time that we have come across such a scenario. From time to time, such news items appear in the media. In the year 2015 also the West Bengal's Planning and Programme Implementation Minister Rachpal Singh was seen with his personal security tying the laces of his shoe at the state secretariat after a program.

    Mayawati, then the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh had sent an empty jet to Mumbai to get a pair of sandals . She is also known for building statues of herself. A retired state cadre officer on an extension was seen cleaning her shoes by his handkerchief at Auriya. Mayavati used to become furious if party loyalists did not touch her feet. An IAS officer had invited censure in 1996 for carrying Mayawati's shoes in a bag on a trip abroad.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    That man has no right to do flag hoisting. Even if we ignore it, what did he tell to the media? That cannot be ignored. His arrogance is just disgusting. I remember one such scene in a Telugu movie. A minister asks a Superintendent of Police to remove his sandals. The police officer removes it and slaps the minister with it multiple times and every one supports the police officer. That should have happened here too. But, we don't know whether his left leg is really giving him pain or not. So, we can't deduce more.

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    The people of India are watching what action does the State Govt. take against this political leader. Nowadays, even if the parties and media try to suppress such news, thanks to social media, people come to know about this. Having said this, I must say that I have faith on Navin-babu (Navin Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Orissa) and I think he will admonish this so-called leader.
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