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    Computer games should not be allowed for kids

    Today I wish to say about the negative practice of playing computer games and using computers for children at least below 8 - 10 years kids. Now a days children are busy playing in computer games or mobile games. I request the parents to not to give them because by using that slowly the nerves of your child is becoming weak. Earlier when we were kids we use to draw as per imagination and learn how to draw, accordingly our nerves would sense for drawing. But now when we tell a child to draw it goes to switch on the computer and try to open Ms- Paint. Children don't wish to draw and colour a picture. Its such a bad practice don't we think? The high radiation of computer's or of mobile phones is very defective to eyes. We on our own are spoiling our children. Please avoid mobile phone to children. Let them no the basic, so that if there is a necessary they can use it. But not make it as a regular habit. I no technology is growing day by day but at the same time human beings are prone to some or the other disorders by using it. If we use any thing in limitations we can surely enjoy the new technology.

    Its a request to all parents to make their child draw at least one drawing by its imaginations.
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    This topic came for discussion in the past too and it is always needed to raise such topics now and then. I am also duly agreeing with the author that today's children are most technical savvy and they are habituated to computer games and playing other games through smart phones. As soon as Mummy or Daddy reaches home , the children literally snatch the smart phones and try to fiddle with all the new apps and also play the games they most like. So they are avoiding timely food and many would get the sight problems sooner or later as they are exposed to rays from the phones which are not good to the tiny eyes.
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    The parents appear to be in a hurry. They wish their children to become computer engineer even when they are toddlers. I have seen many parents letting even the toddlers play with their smartphones and boast about the same to their relatives and acquaintances.

    Playing with video games and other computerised gadgets is causing immense harm to the children. It is like aspiring for authoring a book without learning even the alphabets. Computerized systems as a learning tool carefully and consciously developed and being used in schools is different from the indiscriminate use of such electronics by parents at home without any application of mind and thinking about the possible harmful effects.

    Not only video games, the parents are generally always in hurry to see their children performing the acts meant for grown-ups e.g. they let the children drive a vehicle even when they are underage.

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    I agree with the author. Parents should not let their child to always be infornt of the system. This has many side effects and a child will also get glasses at a very younger age. It is definitely a competitive world and every parents wish their child should be in top but that doesn't mean a child should always be in front of computer and mobile.
    Parents should avoid using these gadgets in front of them so that they can control the usage by their kids. They should let children play outside with people so that they will learn some social life too.

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    I completely agree with the author. These days, even small children are playing computer games. These days, almost all the video games are containing high amounts of violence, profanity etc,. I once saw a 10 year old boy playing games in an iPad. The parents are to blame. Parents should not provide smartphones etc,. to children at that age. In case they do, they must guide their children on how to use the technology properly. Many studies proved that using computers for lots of time have a impact on both physical health (causes obesity, eye problems etc,.) and mental health (reduces memory power etc,.). So, it is better to take care at least from now.

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    In my opinion, It is not at all possible to stop computer games or video games being played by the children. What the parents can do is to monitor the playing time. The parents should also regularly check the games which their children are playing. Nowadays there are extremely violent games and sex games which can be seen in the category of computer games or video games. Nowadays, parents have to be very careful and to some extent diplomatic to curb this harmful habit of children. Of course, the addiction cannot be fully checked.
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    One cannot restrict other's pleasures, right? If playing games pleasures them, so be it. Anything in excess will do harm. So let the children not game excessively. Gaming is allowed on the condition that they will spend their time playing outside too. So in that way, neither of us lose. But care must be taken that the gaming shouldn't become an addiction.

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    This practice developed by parents only as to avoid their children disturbing them they made to sit them before computer games, video games or even before television. In due course, they got addicted in such things and is difficult to remove them from such items. Actually such parents forget the main thing that their eyes will get spoiled and even in tender age they are forced to wear spectacles.

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    I know the agony and pain that some parents go through, as I have teenage kids. I wish there could be some way where we could stop this whole practice of computer games. It is not only in one country but a global issue which has to be handled tactfully and firmly. The children get addicted to games and so engrossed that it effects their studies, health and family relationships too.

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    I thank every body for knowledgeable response. Actually I think that computer should be allowed for children after 8 years where they will find out what is wrong or what is right and how to operate it basically. Before that please don't make addiction to these gadgets.

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    Creative sublimation is better than suppression . Kids are highly influenced by computer games. Its not right to blame a child for the same. It is the way he is taught. As some adults are addicted to TV shows some kids are addicted to computer games.
    How to De-addict a child from computer games.
    1. Give him/her attractive pictures to draw or watch.
    2. Learn his talent to nourish, he may be a singer or a dancer than that.
    3. Do not provide toys similar to computer games.
    4. Find time to have creative physical games with children
    5. Travel with kids to book exhibitions.
    6. Travel with kids to different places of importance like Planetarium to dig out his talent.
    7. Do not provide smart phones to children

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