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    Marriages through matrimonial sites

    While searching for a spouse, it is very important to select a guy who is good in all the terms. There are many matrimonial sites running today which has helped many people. But some people don't trust and go for matrimonial site to choose a partner. They prefer choosing a partner through some known sources whether it is through a distant relation. They believe matrimonial sites cannot be trusted completely and the person may or may not be good. But there are successful marriages that have happened after choosing partner through sites.
    What is your opinion about it? Do you think it is good to find a partner through various sites?
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    The matrimonial sites can be used for preliminary screening of the candidates. In most of the reputed matrimonial sites, many filters are also made available for screening the candidates on the basis of set criteria. Nowadays, the reputed websites have started taking certain safeguards while registering a new member. However, one should not depend totally on the matrimonial websites. After shortlisting the prospective candidates, the classical method of background check etc. should be done followed by at least few meetings to observe the behaviour and attitude etc.

    The matrimonial websites are not a substitute for the conventional system. The same can be taken as a tool to get assistance in the whole process. Nowadays it is possible to conduct a lot of research about any candidate on the internet itself. In case the candidate has joined social websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. , then studying their profile reveals useful information about them

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I think that those who cannot get alliance through natural process or known people, they are forced to approach these so called matrimonial sites and that cannot assured as guaranteed alliances. I always make comparison of matrimony sites with that of advertisements for real estate properties appearing in the news paper. For example if the property which is for sale is the good option and at a reasonable rate, the neighbor or the persons nearby would be interested to buy and the deal will be closed within no time. But often properties are not as per vastu or having some draw backs wont sell and thus the owner are forced to make advertisement , so that unknown buyers will fall prey. Like wise the matrimonial advertisements and information appear in various sites are rejected ones or substandard with some story back ground or the other. This is my observation so far.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I think those successful marriages are just by chance. It is better to marry someone after knowing about them i.e. their character etc,. Some men in matrimonial sites may be good. Some women in matrimonial sites may be good. It is less likely but not impossible to pair a good man and a good woman. Almost all the successful marriages through the matrimonial sites are these cases. Now a days, there are less chances that partners will adjust after marriage. In my opinion, conventional marriages are better when compared to the marriage through these matrimonial sites.

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    Matrimonial sites are kind of tickets to enter a party. Here, we meet various people, of various backgrounds. We can call,chat and communicate with them, once we find them desirable.
    Now, we would like to meet them in person. Once again, we talk a lot. If all of our traits and opinions match, marriage is the next step; else there's always a choice.
    So how come is this system inefficient? Here every step is taken solely by you. So you wouldn't blame anyone for your future adversities.
    It is far better than traditional Indian approach, and matrimonial sites make marriages more successful.

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