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    What does Amnesty International want?

    Amnesty International, a very high-profile NGO based in London, has been lecturing India about the country's 'dismal human rights record' (please note the quote) for the last 30 years. These great champions of human rights don't see the pathetic plight of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Quadianis, Ahmadias or Balochis in Pakistan; they don't see how Hindus and Buddhists are treated in Bangladesh (don't want to provide horrible details in this thread). They even don't see how Kashmiri Pandits were inhumanly thrown out from their birth-place. They only see how Indian Army killed the armed-to-the-teeth Burhan Wani. Earlier they denigrated Indian judiciary because of death sentence of Ajmal Kasav and Yakoob Memon. The members of the India Chapter of this controversial organisation recently organised a seminar in Bengaluru where they provided a convenient platform to the Kashmiri separatists and their Maoist partners to denigrate India and Indian Army. Now these hypocrites under a questionable character named Aakar Patel have started relay seminars in every metro city of India to denigrate the country, its judiciary and its armed forces.

    I request every patriotic Indian to attend the seminars organised by Amnesty India in every city and fearlessly expose these hypocrites before the vulnerable people of the country. It has now become a duty to expose Amnesty India and similar foreign-funded NGOs who are hell-bent to disintegrate the country.
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    Yes I have been reading the inputs from Amnesty International as regards to dismal human rights in India. This so called International organization never raises its head nor comment on the atrocities committed against Indian Hindus, but ready to defend those community which are the root cause of terrorism. If the so called NGO claims to be a International organization, then it should be impartial in its findings and should not interfere in to the affairs of other countries internal matter. India is the vast country with varied religion and communities existing peacefully for many decades and we need not want or authentication from any International fora.
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    The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has filed a complaint against the Amnesty International India accusing it of inciting hatred against the state by raising anti-India slogans in their event at Bengaluru. The police have started an investigation in the case. The officials of the NGO have maintained that no staff was involved though they have admitted that slogans calling for Kashmir's independence were raised by some people attending the seminar.

    Kashmir issue has so far caused four Indo-Pakistan wars in the year 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 and an ongoing conflict. Incidentally, many internal and external agencies also have made Kashmir an issue to garnish their agenda. Perhaps there is no need to go far, our own Kanhaiya Kumar is a typical example.

    The Amnesty International India has to close its offices in Bengaluru, Pune, New Delhi and Chennai and postpone their events after being accused of sedition by the protesters.

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    These foreign funded NGOs must not be left like this or else they may cause severe problems later. I recently hear about the Amnesty International and found that they are trying to disintegrate India as you said. The Kashmir issue started wars four times till now and the issue is still not solved. Those people are supporting separation and even conducting seminars in our metro cities. They must shut down their offices in our cities or else the patriot Indians should destroy those offices completely.

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    At the first instance, we must attend these seminars and expose them in front of others. We must ask them why don't the question Paki or Bangladeshi Govt. about the plight of minorities? Why don't they question the US when they killed Osama bin Laden without trial? More importantly, we must question them about their funding. We must ask them which political party Aakar Patel is associated with.
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    I agree with the views expressed by #575778. Many foreign NGOs are working against the interests of our country.There is a need to investigate their business and their source of funding. Are they complying with the rules and regulations which they are suppose to follow. Are these funds being spent for the purpose for which these are suppose spend? Are these NSOs filing the annuals returns? In the past many NGO were cought for defaulering. Green peace license was cancelled recently. Such action must be taken against other defaulters. many NGO are involved in converting dalits and poors. So friends we should raise our voice against such NGOs.
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