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    Emerging Forum Super Stars Krishna Teja Yeluripati and Naresh Kumar Behera

    I just noticed that the author Krishna Teja Yeluripati is occupying the second position among the Forum Super Stars having scored 1584 points during last 30 days from forum responses. He has pushed the Super Contributor Mohan Ji who has scored 1458 points to the third position.

    The author Naresh Kumar Behera is occupying the fourth position with 711 points pushing the author Partha Kansabanik who has earned 560 points to the fifth place.

    Only recently the ISC management had acknowledged the contribution of the forum section and had announced certain new features and enhancements in prizes/awards etc. for the forum section.

    In the above-mentioned backdrop, the emergence of new Forum Super Stars is quite heartening and is likely to add further value to the forum section.

    I congratulate the authors on the occasion of their achievement and wish all the best to them.
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    It is really good to note that new Members are not only joining ISC, but also occupying top positions. I whole-heartedly welcome this trend. This trend will definitely bring freshness in this platform. This trend also proves the vibrant nature of Forum section of ISC. Great performance, Mr. Yeluripati and Mr. Behera!
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    It really offers me tremendous satisfaction by observing the performance of these duos who have contributed significantly in almost all the forums. They seem to have budding spirit and their enthusiasm would lead to a greater surge of this channel. Apart from that, the new members would follow the foot - print of these Youngesters. I wish all the best to those Youngesters and expect that they will maintain the similar performance in the time ahead.

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    Good to see some members taking the contributions very serious and with their regular attention here they are not only casting their spell with good informative threads but also establishing clear cut leads and taking their points position to new high. I wish other members also to emulate them and occupy the first five positions as super contributors. We the old timers are not having formidable contributions hither too and now there seems to be some hot competition among the new members. This trend will surely bring more creative and informative useful threads to this forum.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Not only the quantity but the nature and quality of contents has also evolved over a period of time with new authors bringing in a whiff of fresh air and therefore deserve their due recognition.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    By the way what I feel that when Gavaskar, Vengsarkar were in full form and getting laurels for the country, there was no need of other batsman. Suddenly Krishnama Chary Srikanth and Kapil Dev appeared who introduced hard hitting boundaries and thus over night they became famous. Like wise for many months this forum was not having formidable competition and the members who were already leading were sustaining it. Now new members have shown up their zeal and even has the attitude of competing and out lasting. That is good sign for this site and I duly welcome the change.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Krishna and Naresh have really been great contributors both in terms of quantity and quality. It is good to see the new blood interested in creative writing. Had it been observed in any technology based site, I would have understood it. That is because the new generation eats, drinks and sleeps technology and it would be easy for them to contribute in such sites.

    But, in a site like ISC which touches almost every sphere of life, I am quite happy to see a good deal of contribution of the youngsters.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    It is indeed heartening to see relatively new (in terms of activity) members attaining heights through their active contribution in the forum section. It will surely infuse confidence in others. I think a healthy competition should always be welcomed. Krishna and Naresh have been doing well and I do wish they maintain the quality in their contributions and resist falling prey to the rat race of retaining the Super Stardom. Carry on the good job!
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    More contribution to forum means, members are getting active . This is good for all of us, as site will get lot of content ( some of them quality and some of them quantity). And thanks to the person who are contributing valuable content here. Naresh kumar always sharing informative things here.

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