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    Why people prefer to own an Apple iPhone ?

    Ever wondered why people pay big bucks just to own an Apple iPhone? Follow this interesting discussion to know what is so special about an Apple iPhone.

    Previously phones were used to make calls. But after the advent of Smartphones, the phones are used for multiple purposes. Almost all the smartphones possess more or less similar features and so is the iPhone. But the craze for iPhone is very high compared to other android and windows mobile phones. Apple has earned a good popularity among the people for its luxurious phones. Apple's iPhone also has some quality features. But apart from the features, I have seen many people buying iPhone to show off that they are using a costly mobile phone. Nowadays the smartphones are driving the people crazy and in particular the dream of many people is to buy an iPhone. On an average many corporate employees and the business people are using iPhone more in India. In the previous days earning more money and going onsite was the dream of the corporate employees, but nowadays buying an iPhone also has joined in the dream list of many corporate employees in India.

    Why people prefer to own an iPhone- To show off or To really use the phone for its features?
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    I just cannot understand the attitude of the people who simply ape others in acquiring things and gadgets just because others own it and they should also have it, Every user has definite use of the mobile phone and they must choose such gadget which is easy and also affordable to them. I have seen some people who purchased I phone and later fumbling to use its features. In fact I have also raised a forum thread in this regard that children who are earning good would gift a costly I phone to the parents and elders and what is the use when they do not know how to operate and get familiar with all the features.
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    I personally don't like to own a iPhone. I don't understand why is there so much of craze in people for iphone when the sole purpose can be met with any other phone. Also the iphones are so expensive that a normal man cannot afford to buy it. Even he buys it through EMI, he doesn't use it much apart from making calls, checking emails and browsing net. People use it just for trend and to show off to others. They should choose a phone which is budget friendly and based on their usage as any electronic gadgets have no re-sell value.

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    iPhones are unique in the sense that they run on Apple's iOS mobile operating system. It offers Facetime service which is a proprietary video telephony product developed by Apple Inc., the manufacturer of iPhone and is therefore not provided by any other smartphone. FaceTime audio is its audio-only version. Using this feature the user can audio or video talk to other users of iPhone and Macintosh computers.

    The hardware as well software of the iPhone are also superior compared to most of the other smartphones available in the market. iPhone has the largest share of the smartphone market in US with 43.6% market share, followed by Samsung (27.6%), LG (9.4%), and Motorola (4.8%).

    I am a user of iPhone and video chat with my children using the same. Presently it is costlier in India as Apple stores have not yet been opened in India by Apple Inc. and because of taxes. Most of the products are sold in the grey market. There had been discussions between the Government of India and the company and it is expected that soon there will be positive developments in this regard.

    I have used several phones, but there is nothing like an iPhone.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my opinion, many people buy an iPhone just to show off. The features are common in both the android phones and apple phones except the Siri and Finger Print Identification. But, there is no need to buy an iPhone for any of these two features. An android OS app named 'Assistant' is developed and it is similar to iOS app 'Siri'. And, I saw a China phone recently whose cost is less than Rs. 10,000 but has the finger print identification feature. There's nothing different in iPhone except its attractive look. So, I won't buy an iPhone even if I have the money needed.

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    Krishna (#575901) - Do you know about the FaceTime feature of iPhones?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I had this doubt "Why people prefer to own an iPhone " or some similar costly phones. Genuinely, I am not able to get convinced . Whoever (I am familiar with) has the costly phones also do the same operations as I do with my less cost phone. When I enquired, some of them said, good pictures. Some said durability and consistency. But still I am not convinced whether the huge difference in cost justifies or worth the utility for an average person.

    However a few youngsters, I met are really using the costly phones for multiple uses. They have a large number of apps, always interacting in social media, hearing music, clicking photos and videos, exchanging class notes, projects etc. etc. But a person like me do not have so much use with phones and can do with lesser cost phones. Maybe I am a bit 'illiterate' in these matters. That is why I don't know how to put to best use.

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    I never think about costly phones. Someone wanted to present me an I phone which I politely refused saying that I am an illiterate to use costly phones. I am using my simple Lemon IQ 707 mobile phone. What I need is to communicate to convey information and messages. It has the features of Video recording, Audio recording, Radio, Music & Camera which are essential. What else I need?

    I too think that I phones are show off to many and useful to very few.

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