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    My son Aditya scored 9.46 GPA in second sem Chemical Engineering.

    It seems for some scoring a particular rank has become a habit and my Son Aditya also seems have inculcated the habit of maintaining to get 9.5 percent since his 8th standard onward. In the first sem he scored 9.58 and now he scored 9.46. He told me that out of 60 students in the class many failed and he and his one of the close friend scored this rank. He also told me that the papers were tough and one has to study all the subjects which were they doing in previous standards. Moreover for a Chemical Engineer, studying CSC, Mechanical and other subjects also made mandatory in first year.
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    Congratulations to Aditya Mohan for scoring 9.46. You have made your dad very proud. Keep up the good work and continue this performance through out.
    Yes Mr. Mohan, for chemical engineer its mandatory to study CS, Electrnoics, Mechanical, Civil, Chemistry and Physics in 1st year. Its not only for chemical engineers, other branch students also study these subjects. Only after their branch entry they will get to study their core subjects.

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    My hearty congrats to Aditya Mohan for scoring 9.46 and to his Dad Mr. K Mohan for being proud of his son's activities.
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    Hearty congrats to Aditya Mohan for scoring 9.46 GPA in his second semestar Engineering examination. May God grant him success in his future endeavours!
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    Congratulations to Aditya Mohan on scoring a 9.58 GPA in engineering first semester and 9.46 GPA in engineering second semester. Hope this trend continues in future too.

    And Mr. Mohan, I too had the same problem while studying first year of computer science engineering. I literally hate the subjects Physics and Chemistry but studying those subjects is mandatory in first year of engineering. These days, many universities are increasing the standards of question papers i.e. the papers are becoming tough. Anyways, that can't stop a talented student from scoring good marks.

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    That is so wonderful Mohan. You must be so proud of your son. Wishing your son success in all that he does. God bless him. I wish him well.
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    After Aditya joined ISC, I have developed a kind of affection for him. Therefore, hearing news about his achievement is particularly heartening for me. My best wishes to him for becoming able to add further value to his performance in not only the remaining 6 semesters of the degree course but subsequently also.
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    Congrats to Adiya! Best wishes for his continued success in his further academics & career too.
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