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    Yajur Upakarma : Renewal of sacred thead done today.

    Today ie on the Raksha Bandhan day, the Tamilians also have the special festival to celebrate. That is called Avani Avittam. In the month of Avani this day is very auspicious to renews the sacred Poonal thread being worn by every male member. My self and my son Aditya went to the nearby Venkateshwara swamy temple and participated with group in renewing the thread. Japam like Kamokarshit , tharpanam and wearing new thread was concluded with a homam for those who are brahmacharis. It was nice to see the congregation of all brahmins at one place.
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    Even my husband changed his Upanayana thread today. But he was not able to go to any temple as he had no time and had to rush to office. He did the puja and changed the thread at home this morning. It feels so nice to follow each and every ritual and I feel so proud of our rituals.

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    Thanks to Mr. Mohan for informing us (the Members) about this sacred ceremony of Hinduism. We must know the customs and rituals of this great religion to follow the religion properly.
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    I am happy to see the posting of the author and the same is doubled when seeing the response from Sushmaji and Partha Ji. It is really an important function to all Hindus especially for brahmins. As per practice all Hindus should wear the sacred thread and should renew on such occasions. But due to the nature's results, except brahmins many people, sorry, even many brahmins are not wearing the sacred threads.
    Second thing the practicing of Sandhyavandanam contains many steps including Pranayam (as exercises it was given in vedas) was insisted by our elders to do the same daily thrice or atleast twice by the persons who were are wearing sacred thread. Parents solemnize the ceremony of wearing new sacred thread to their sons in a grand way also. But many people forget to do the sandhyavandhanam thrice daily or atleast once daily. But the pity in this is such people hesitates to do sandhyavandhanam with Pranayama but pays hefty fees to the specified doctor and learn the same Pranayama in the name of 'Breathing Exercise' and proudly doing the same. As we are seeing most of the Christians and Muslims do their rituals well we, Hindus, Brahmins should also follow strictly our own rituals then only it is fertile to our Nation.

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    According to our calendar in the south, tomorrow Friday the 19th August is "Aavani Avittam" a day to renew our sacred thread (cross belt). In our area, the Brahmans both Iyer and Iyengar, the all sects and subsects of Viswakarma's, the Chettiar and the potters community wear the holy sacred thread. Due to wear and tear, the thread loses its colour and strength. It is renewed on this Avittam day. People choose to go to temple and perform rituals on this day. Many does it at home.

    Mr. Mohan, What is the use of such sacred thread? How does it help a person? Why only for certain communities?

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    I am also eager to know more about the importance and significance of the sacred thread. I think nowadays the younger generation is gradually distancing itself from the practice of wearing the sacred thread. Is such a trend causing any harmful effect on the newer generations? Also why it is gender specific for males only.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Like the girls attend puberty and regarded as the women in making, like wise a boy is adorned with sacred thread and the function is called Upanayanam. In those days boys at the age of 7 itself were forced to wore this. But these days one day prior to marriage the thread is worn. Without this thread a boy cannot claim to be brahmin and those who wear it must do Sadhyavandhan, and chant Gayatri matra to ward off any evil.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan,
    I have seen many poor Brahmans who suffer in their life, despite wearing their sacred thread and chanting Gayatri Mantras and doing Sadhyavandhan any other rituals regularly without fail. They live in poverty with a sacred thread. Why so, Mr. Mohan?

    I have seen brahman priests in small temples who can earn only for their hand to mouth, while the priests of the big temples grow with big bellys with huge bank balance. Both wear their sacred threads. Why the sacred threads discriminates the brahmans as rich and poor?

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    Over the years Brahmins are the neglected lot as they cannot do other work and they wont get much amount out of their work. That is the reason being so some Vaishnava Samajams comes to the rescue of brahmin families and help them financially.
    K Mohan
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    The Brahmins are called 'Dwij' i.e. born twice. The first birth is the physical birth and the second birth is the intellectual birth when the boy is accepted by the teacher and the 'Upanayan Sanskar' (sacred thread ceremony) is performed. It is marked as the acceptance of a student by a 'Guru' (teacher). Among the Brahmins, the ceremony was typically performed at the age of 8 years.
    The rite was performed in the case of girls also who used to decide to go to Gurukula for studies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash,
    Can't understand you. On one side you are asking questions(575851), and on the other side, you are answering yourself(575862) . What is this?
    Why so? Kindly stop this habit to earn points?

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    After reading the responses, I was not satisfied and therefore started self-study and sharing the information on this thread.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Without meaning offence to anyone, I have a request. When we write something on a public forum, we should try to give correct information. There may be many who may be referring to these and taking them as correct knowledge.

    Sometime earlier(probably last year or before) also I a similar thread I had pointed out this.
    Changing scared thread is to be done whenever it becomes dirty, torn or discoloured. Moreover the thread is changed whenever an important ritual is performed. So on the day of the 'Upakarma" (which is known in south as Aavani avittam) also the sacred thread is changed. But it is not the highlight or prime ritual of that day. At least from now let this b known.
    The 'Upakarma" is performed on the Sraavan Pournami day. Generally the star on Sravan Pornami is Shravana(Thiruvonam). But sometimes taking the time period ,the next star Shravishta or Avittam falls. Sraavan Pornami is also Raksha Bandhan . It is also important all over India in one way or other.
    On the Upakarma function, after taking holy bath and performing "Tharpan" rituals to ancestors also,divine pardon is sought for possible sins committed in the previous year. Then Veda learning is started. There is slight difference of day/date of Upakarama for those who follow Saama Veda . For those with Rig Veda and Yajur Veda, it can fall on same day or consecutive days.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    @Sun #575855 : " Why the sacred threads discriminates the brahmans as rich and poor?"
    Wearing sacred thread does not promise or guarantee riches and prosperity. As Kailash mentioned, it is the start of taking to Veda Vidya study. Only after the sacred thread ceremony a student is taken as shishya for learning Vedas. After the sacred thread ceremony the person has many compulsory duties and rituals to perform and comply.

    A person's well being and suffering is attributed to his "Karma" or deeds in the previous birth and also of the current birth. Performing ordained rituals sincerely and with devotion can ward of some possible bad effects and can gradually brin the 'inside' pleasure and lead to self realisation.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Wow! Such a good discussion about the sacred thread. For me, Upanayanam was done when I was 14 and I am wearing the sacred thread from then. Yesterday morning, my father, me and my brother changed our sacred threads on the occasion of 'Hayagreeva Jayanthi', the day on which Upakarma is performed in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.

    #575855 (Mr. Sun) : Just wearing the sacred thread is not enough. The person who wore it must do Sandhyavandanam etc,. everyday. According to Vedas, if a person does those perfectly, he is guaranteed to be happy. As Mr. Venkiteswaran said, the riches are related to Karma or deeds in the previous birth.

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    My question is - What good does the sacred thread do when it is worn? I think , it is a visible identity or a trade mark to a Brahman. Why do the other communities like Viswakarma, Chettiar and the pot makers (Kuyavan) wear this sacred thread? I do not think that a Viswakarma or Chettiar or the pot makers does the daily rituals like Sandhyavanthanam or chanting of Gayatri Manthiram etc due to be performed while having the sacred thread ON.

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    It appears to be primarily a matter of one's faith and beliefs. It boosts morale and self-confidence which helps in achieving any set task. Incidentally, if we draw a list of all the great personalities of the world born so far on this planet earth, perhaps only a very small or almost negligible percentage of them are likely to be believers in the sacred thread.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The importance of upakarma is upa means 'being with' karma is the duty. Upakarma means being with one's karma. It is a duty to a man (irrespective of caste) to do his duty (karma) for self and others welfare. A brahmin is doing yagna etc., for the welfare of others including the king/ruling persons. As mentioned earlier by me, the sacred thread is nowadays reserved for a separate category that is for brahmin. It is not so, every humanbeing is having responsibility of praying for self and others.
    As pointed out rightly by SriSri Ravishankar Ji, the Spiritual master,'The significance of changing the thread (janeu) is to remind you that you have three responsibilities or debts on your shoulders - responsibility towards your parents, towards society and towards knowledge. We are indebted to our parents, to the society and towards the Guru. It is reviewing your responsibility towards the previous, present and future generation. That is why the three layers on your shoulders. That is the significance - purity in body, mind and speech. In ancient days women also had to wear this thread. It was not limited to only one caste. Everybody used to have to wear this whether they were brahmins, vaishya, kshatriya, shudra; but later on it got confined to a few. "

    #575855, there is no relationship between the sacred thread and poverty. It is not correct to say that I am in richy status so, I need not utter Gods words or I am very poor God neglected me so, I will not worship God.....these are all just mind's ups and downs. Wearing sacred thread, praying God by chanting His/Her names into numerous numbers etc., will not reduce or improves one's status in this life, one should be really keep this in his/her mind as our present life is already destined by God or Supreme power. One can easily understand this by seeing all evil doing persons are well off today and people with good character suffering into a great level as anything. We should reduce our future burden of bad karmas by doing good karmas like good things and good thinkings. We are not taking anything with us when we leaves this world as we can see this clearly many rich persons left everything behind their body when they died. Even Mohammed Gazni told his aide at the time of his last breath to keep his body in a cart by opening his both palms as he was not taking any bit with him though he collected many wealth through war and fighting.

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