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    Share your feeling of movement at the time of Sakshi win for Bronze

    Share your feeling of movement at the time of Sakshi win for Bronze . I get sweet emotion in Eye and feeling was superb.

    This type of feeling We get at the time of world cup winning by India. Its happen due to Hopes up and down in Round one and two.

    Last minutes was superb.
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    Though I felt proud and elated on hearing the news about India winning the first medal in Rio Olympics through Sakshi Malik but it is also true that there was a disappointment also that a great nation of 125 crore people could find nothing more than rejoicing a lone bronze medal so far.

    The Haryana Government as promised earlier will now reward her Rs. 2 crore and land in the state. The Railways where Sakshi is employed will give a cash award of Rs. 50 lakh. There will be many more awards and rewards .

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Frankly speaking, I didn't feel this happy even when India won the cricket world cup after 28 years. I don't know much about sports then. I do not have a habit of reading news paper daily but I read the news paper immediately after noticing that India won a bronze medal. Anyways, there is a bit sad feeling that 125 crore people are celebrating just for one bronze medal. Now that P. V. Sindhu is qualified for the finals and is sure to win a silver medal or even a gold medal, let us get ready to be more happy.

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    This is the problem with Indians even we compare this sweet moment with Cricket. That is why we have million ton of question out of 1.25 billion population there is no medal or hardly only one media we can say when she got bronze medal for India.

    We should gear up and take other sports and go for pride in world.

    Surely this medal has started the medal score and there are many first for this medal first female to get this medal and first medal for this olympics etc.,

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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