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    Spoken English teacher

    Hi! Everyone. I am Mrs Anjali Chatterjee, a Spoken English and Personality Development teacher. It is great to be on this forum as I will be able to interact with students and teachers. It is my passion to teach and especially those who are talented but not able to proceed further in their career due to lack of confidence and communication skills.
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    I want to draw the attention of the author to the fact that as far as ISC activity is concerned, it has everything about written English but nothing about spoken English as all communications are made through written contents. Also, perhaps the spoken English or for that matter any other language cannot be improved through written mode as far as diction and pronunciation etc. are concerned. Anyway, I admit that I am not an expert of the subject matter and just want to learn more about it.

    Perhaps vocabulary can be enriched or grammar can be improved through written interactions also. In that case, the author may consider writing articles covering the subject matter for the ISC resources.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    ISC is fortunate enough to have a Spoken English Teacher. A person who can write English may not be able to speak good English. A person may be able to write but cannot pronounce it properly. A person may be able to write but cannot explain it properly.

    So, Anjali's presence at ISC would be helpful to members who wish to improve their English speaking skill.

    Anjali, You can plan and teach ISCians " How to speak good English." Please go ahead. ISC is open for you.

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    I am looking forward to learn about the correct pronunciation of certain English words e.g. those starting with the English alphabets 'v' and 'b'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you very much for all your comments. Yes, I agree about the level of spoken English in ISC as well as other boards where there are grammatical mistakes in writing. But through my experience as a language teacher, its the way we speak and pronounce certain words that allow these mistakes. The first step of learning is listening....and that is what verbal English is all about. Audio - visual aids help a learner to pronounce correctly and fluently.

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    Anjali warm welcome to this site and great to know that a spoken English teacher is amid us and surely ISC is going to be benefited with your presence. But being the content development site solely dedicated for the students, it would be interesting how the author is going to help those who wants to get rid of phobia that English cannot be learned by them. My best wishes to the new member and hope the eager members would take immense help from her. In fact this site has been longing for such a expert and good that you have now joined here. Meanwhile also visit Ask experts section and start giving your feed back to many questions there.
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    Welcome to ISC Mrs. Anjali Chatterjee. Many members commit small and unnoticeable English mistakes while posting in different sections of ISC. An English language expert like you can help every member to learn English language properly. You can be of help by posting forum threads regularly or by posting articles on English language. By the way, I don't know if I had done any mistakes while posting this response. I request you to correct this response and help me learn good English.

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    Anjali, a warm welcome to ISC ! I am sure that we will stand to benefit from your knowledge and experience. I hope you have read the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics so as to get familiarized with the requirements of this site. ISC is an educational site and so your association with us would surely benefit us mutually. Try to be active and consistent in the different sections. Do feel free to clear your doubts, if any, by raising a thread under the appropriate category. All the best Anjali!
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