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    Which one is better- Reading books or Watching TV?

    I am a book lover as well as I love to watch TV shows and movies. Both reading and watching has many advantages. But for me, reading books gives me an immense pleasure when compared to watching TV shows. Books are always a great companion. When I physically touch a book and start reading then I will forget the whole world around me and I will start visualizing the scenes while reading each and every line in the book. Visualization of the scenes in the novel helps my mind more refreshing. I obviously miss this form of visualization while watching a TV and so I prefer to read books and moreover books are the best medicine to relax my mind.

    Which one is always better- Reading books or Watching TV?

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    Once a book is in our hand, it is totally under our control to put the book for finishing later or to continue to read till the end in one sitting which is not the case in television watching. Normally in serials about 22 minutes material is covered and the rest time is kept aside for advertisements. Therefore, while watching television serials, much remains to be seen subsequently.

    Reading a good book is like living another life as we go through all the vicissitudes which the characters undergo. During my student days, I remember having read engrossing novels throughout the night till the next morning. Such absorbing books are correctly called the 'non-putable' books. Even during power failures, I used to light a candle to finish the book.

    Reading only gives the capacity to write. One has to first have inputs for giving outputs later.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There cannot be a comparison between reading books and watching television. Television is basically a entertainment box and beyond that we cannot think of further use. Except for some channels, most of them are news based or entertainment based from which we can only have visual treat and nothing else. But by reading books one goes further one step of acquiring new knowledge, getting refreshed with new words and above all one would be confined to his own business of reading and not wasting the time as we can see people do while watching television. One thing is sure those who have the habit of reading the books have always registered some wonderful knowledge in them and that is always remembered. What I personally feel that those who read the same book again and again, they get different knowledge and essence of the content in different way. So it all depends on interest and zeal.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There appears to be a consensus among people (and an ill-founded one) that reading a book is better than watching television. According to me it is the content of what you are reading or watching that matters. The worthiness lies in the content, not in the medium through which we access it.

    There are a number of shows on television that impart knowledge – they ignite new ideas in our minds, they make us think and use our brains, they keep us abreast with what is happening in the world around us. Not all television shows are a waste of time.

    Similarly, there is a lot of reading material available to us, but not all of it is 'good'. Some of it can actually corrupt our psyche.

    It is for us to choose the right television shows to watch and the right books to read. It is what we choose to do that is good.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Neither reading books nor watching television is always better. Sometimes, reading a book might be of help. Sometimes, watching television might be of help. Case in point, I learnt almost all of my English from watching movies in television. There are many programs which when viewed can help in learning maths shortcuts etc,. By the way, what is the use in visualizing scenes in a novel? The refreshment is the same when visualizing a scene in a book or watching that scene in a television. I completely agree with Ms. Juana's response #575893.

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