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    I had my Pushkara bath in Krishna river at Amaravathi on yesterday

    I along with my family and family friends went to Krishna river at Amaravathi which is a part of new capital city of Andhra Pradesh of Guntur district. This place is 29 Km. away from our Guntur city and we went by busses arranged by Andhra Pradesh government. We had our punya snana in the Amaravathi ghat which situated beside Amaralingeswara Swamy which is one of the most prominent Pancharama Kshetra of India. After punya snana I conducted Pindapradanam for my father and grand parents in the place located close to the river by the government. We also visited various temples including Amaralingeswara temple situated in the temple complex of Amaravathi. Various organizations have arranged breakfast and meals to very large number of devotees in an organized way. There is no scarcity of drinking water, food, milk and other basic amenities for very large number of devotees coming over there everyday. Satya Sai Seva samithi and various other organizations are helping devotees in providing drinking water, meals, milk and cleaning services. A.P. government made elaborate arrangements for for free and easy pushkara snana for lakhs of devotees without any inconvenience. Here is an attachment of Pushkara snana in Krishna river.

    My Pushkara snana in Krishna river Amaravathi

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    You have done a nice thing to have a sacred bath along with your family members at Krishna Pushkara ghat in Amaravati. Since such occasions comes for every twelve years, we should not leave that chance. When I went , I could see even Muslims having faith in Hinduism are taking bath in the river and of course away from the main stream of devotees. By having bath in the sacred river, we have washed off our sins and we should also make it learn to our children that in future too they should not miss the snan at Pushkar festivals and also offer Pinda Preadanam to the elders.
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    I know nothing about Pushkara Bath in river Krishna or elsewhere. But very recently, I had to go to a temple near a river where we had to perform rituals to our ancestors. The day was known as 'Aadi Amavasya, Aadi Perukku, Guru shifting to next zodiac, an auspicious Tuesday of the month. I had a holy dip in river Tamirabharani, offered my prayers to my ancestors through a priest who charged me Rs. 21/-, visited the temple, offered my prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Dakshinamurthy. I came out and had enough lunch offered by the donors. It is said that such an important day comes once in 50 years only. I think the same is celebrated as puskara in the north.
    Dear members,
    The beauty of river Tamirabharani flowing in the district of Tirunelveli in South Tamildau, and a holy dip in that river is - It is the river in which Godess Ganga from the north come to give away all her sins accumulated from her devotees who had a dip in the holy river Ganges. So, Tamirabharani is the Southern Ganga which carries all the sins collected by river Ganga. The river originates from a place called "Papanasam (Destruction of Sins). It is the everflowing southern river which never dries up 24x7.

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    I too did Krishna Pushkar Snan in Amaravathi. From what you are saying, I hope the maintenance is good now. Because when I went, there is no scarcity for water food etc,. but the police appointed there are careless and didn't bother about people. A stampede would have happened. When buses which go near the Pushkar Ghats arrived, about a hundred people just forced each other into the buses and not even one police came to stop the chaos. When we are coming back in the afternoon, we observed a change though. Anyways, Pushkaralu comes once in 12 years and so it is not better to skip the Pushkar Snan.

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