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    How About Library reading?

    Hello Friends,
    In my last forum discussion, we had discussed about the effects of the recent gadgets.
    In the similar way now a days library reading is just vanishing in children. They don't even no what is library or library card or member etc. Actually these gadgets are not only effecting the kids eye, I think they are like virus which is effecting on children's mind also.
    The way to my son's school there is one library. I hardly see people going there, the board itself is full of dust and can't make out the library board. But neighbour building boards are so clear comparatively. This it self shows that how much reading habits are vanished, not only by children even elders also have lost it.
    When we were in school we use to regularly visit the school library for reference to make projects. But now when child is assigned any project it tells the parents and they just download in net and give them. By doing this the children are losing the habits of learning new things and making use of library.
    One day when I was bringing my son home I told him, "See this is library where we get lots of books and different type of ideas to do your project". My son immediately said WHY TO TAKE SO MUCH PAIN WE WILL GO HOME AND GET IT IN NET.
    Actually this is the reply of most of the children now.
    Adding to this the schools are introducing android tab to children instead of text books. By doing such activities I think the word LIBRARY only will vanish from children.
    Now I have put a habit to my son to visit the nearest library and thought him how to find out books related to our topic.
    I think the school should make library reading compulsory instead of using tab.
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    I really appreciate the author for this thread which coincides with the thinking level of many members like me. Our children are habituated to computers and smart phone browsing and they know that Google has been storing many number of information at the drop of the hat and hence they need not read books for any extra knowledge. This specific knowledge attitude is killing their preference to search for more information in the books. But I really bet that those who read the books again and again, they get different kind of ideas and knowledge and thus we are not going to get specific information but varied information.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    There is a global trend to migrate to digital libraries. The main reason is the ease in retrieving the data. In physical libraries, one has to scan the entire book to look for certain particular information whereas using internet search engines, the sought information can be traced in a jiffy. Generally, the students perceive it as a waste of time to search for certain information while sitting in the library for hours together.

    I had been an avid user of both the systems. During my student days, there was neither computer nor internet. Therefore we used to be regular users of the library and follow the system of browsing through catalogues etc. I used to spend quite some time inside the library. However, after the advent of the internet, the scenario has totally changed. Nowadays, there are specialised search engines like Google Scholar and the libraries have catalogues searchable online. Digitization of books is being done and the Google Books like services are facilitating referencing.
    The Kindle type of systems has also contributed in changing the overall scenario.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think there is much difference between normal libraries and digital libraries. Learning will almost be the same in both the cases. And, studying in internet can be more helpful than studying in a book. Let me give an example to support my point. Suppose a student is reading a science text book and he didn't understand one particular sentence in it due to the vocabulary in it. He/she has to get a dictionary and verify the meaning of the word to understand the sentence. Now suppose that student is reading a science text book in the internet and he didn't understand one particular sentence in it due to the vocabulary in it. He/she has to just open a new tab and see the meaning of the word to understand the sentence. Which is easier? The same incident can happen many times during studying which leads to a time waste if the student is studying in a text book. Also, there is no guarantee that a library has updated versions of books and there is no guarantee that a library consists of all the books a person needs. So, I prefer internet to libraries.

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    One difference is the bright screen of the computers compared to the adequately illuminated pages of the conventional books.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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