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    Dancing is still not accepted by many indian families

    I have seen in many indian families were dance in encouraged. There are many good dancers in India but not everyone are continuing their dance practise. One reason is not many elders encourage dancing for their children as they feel it is not good to dance. Dance is not respected as the way singing is respected. Even if a person likes to dance, they are not allowed by their elders. The only dance form that is accepted by people is bhartanatyam.
    But why is dance not respected the same way as singing? What is so bad about dance?
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    Well this is a controversial post raised by the author and surely there are going to be mixed responses for this. As far as I am concerned most of the homes are against the dance because it involves giving postures of various angles and now a days in the name of modern dance the performer is put to lots of gyration moment which is not required at all that that is nothing but exposing the performer for the visual treat of others. Having noticed this, the elders are against the dancing. Moreover a dancer has to participate with a male partner and that involves in most close up movements which is again objected by the elders. Where as the singing involves only saying with the words and that is excused but dance requires lots of chemistry equations between the male and female partners and hence many elders wont agree. The recent dance shows shown on the television across the country also testifies this.
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    It is not that dancing is not accepted or encouraged by the Indian families. Each and every Indian family loves the art of dancing. What they don't accept is the performance of dancing in a stage or in a public place. Every parent will be pleased to see their children dancing at home or at the school. Parents feel proud of their wards dancing to the tune of the music. " You see, my baby dances well. Dance baby dance... Let uncle see your dance."
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    Dance is a performing art involving a purposeful movement of the human body. Though music and singing are also performing arts but these don't involve the whole body. Perhaps the dance originated as a human preening behavior to attract the opposite gender. It is perceived as a display behaviour to attract or invite for mating, though over a period of time the classical dance evolved as an acclaimed art form.

    The classical Indian dance forms lay more focus on 'mudras' (hand positions) and 'abhinaya' (acting) than suggestive gestures or pelvic gyrations. Therefore classical India dance forms like Bharatnatyam etc. have got more social acceptance compared to western dance forms. Similarly, social dancing during the occasions of family functions etc. is also permissible in traditional Indian societies.

    Since last many years, there had been a lot of discussion and debate about the dance bars in Mumbai which amply hints about the social perceptions associated with the dancing. In Bollywood movies also 'item numbers' are patched just to titillate the movie watchers and increase box office collections.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Dance may require lot of chemistry between male and female partners. In my opinion, it is immature to think that something bad may happen due to that chemistry. That is what all elders who do not encourage dance think. As there is no such thing in classical dance, they won't object if their children want to do Bharatanatyam etc,. But, the dancers must also be careful and should not take that chemistry far.

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    Really speaking, Bharatanatyam is to be learned and practiced by only those who have real interest in this art and having gutt of continuing practice till their ability otherwise it is just waste of money etc., I know one of my relative girl who learned Bharatanatyam, practiced well and did her recital also as one function. But after the recital within a year's gap she got married and stopped her practice everything now she is mother of two child and totally forgotten the dancing. Moreover the dancing like Bharatanatyam, kuchipudi etc should be practiced even from small childhood and is good to their health as well life on the whole if she continued her practice. But in the name of dancing many people are killing the word dance in televisions and the same is followed by many parents to get their children to be practiced in that way.

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