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    How to deal with person's mood swings

    Mood swings are very common in people. Sometimes you will find that a person is upset or angry or irritated for no reason. He/She might be smiling and happy and all of a sudden the person's mood will change and the person will stop talking to others and prefer to sit in one corner and if asked anything about the reason for their behaviour, all the you get is a angry look.

    Why does mood swings occur and how to deal with such person at that time?
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    As far as dealing with such persons is concerned, the best policy is to not to attempt to reform them, in case they are not close family members requiring immediate medical attention. Retaliating under such circumstances will literally add fuel to the fire which will further flare up the situation.

    Regarding causes of such abnormal behaviour, the same are likely to be medical in nature though not of fatal kind instantaneously.

    Mood swings may range from the microscopic kind to wild oscillations of maniac depressions requiring medical attention. Hormonal disbalance, lifestyle, sleep disorders, low self-esteem and substances abuse may be some of the causes triggering mood swings. Failure to deal with unexpected and stressful situations in life often leads to mood swings like conditions.

    Generally, it is seen that few people resort to utensils throwing tantrums as a part of mood swings related seizures.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There will be a reason behind every mood swing. It may look like nothing for the viewers but it is a significant one for the person who experienced mood swing. For example, my mother and me shouted at each other for one or two hours just because of a silly thing. Later, my brother and my father came home and I explained what happened. They just laughed at my mother for staring shouting for an insignificant issue. What we should understand is that something need not cause a mood swing in other people but it is a significant reason to cause a mood swing in some people. I shouted at her that time due to my anger issues (almost gone now a days). In my opinion, it is better to leave the person who experienced a mood swing for some time and then talk to him/her so that we won't get an angry look and he/she would reach emotional balance by that time.

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