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    Will Aggression affects a Sportsperson's performance?

    The ultimate aim of the players is to win their game. So to win the game, some players will behave in an assertive manner and will lead their game towards success, on the other hand
    we have also seen many sportsperson getting very aggressive towards a game when they are playing in a tough situation. There are different types of aggression and the aggressive behavior of a sportsperson varies from game to game and from person to person. Some persons will have an anger in their face while they are playing. Some people will use abusive words or harm their opponent. Frustrated tennis or badminton players will show their anger on their racket by smashing it down on the floor. In cricket, some batsmen will show their aggression in their batting style and some bowlers will throw bouncers to disturb the concentration of the batsman. Similarly almost all the sports have some aggressive players and the sports aggression is seen in different form.

    Will this form of sports aggression affects a sportsperson's performance?
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    Being assertive in a game or sport is a positive behaviour in contrast to its negative counterpart i.e. being aggressive.

    Sports psychology has evolved as a distinct discipline of study which encompasses group dynamics and teamwork, individual aspects of performance, mental preparation and skill acquisition etc.

    Assertive behaviour is goal-directed, not intended to harm or injure others, don't involve breaking of rules of the game and uses only legitimate force. On the other hand, an aggressive behaviour involves an intention to cause harm or injury to others, it is invariably intentional, not accidental and it may be either physical or verbal in nature.

    Aggressive behaviour is a natural instinct of the humans or a product of frustration and is sometimes learnt from the surroundings also.

    There is no justification for the aggressive behaviour in sports and perhaps at the level of its zenith, there is no room for aggression and such people are more likely to fail than succeed.

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    Yes, aggression effects a sportsperson's performance definitely. Not only a sportsperson, aggression effects anyone. Aggression disturbs concentration which ultimately leads to problems, small or big. Anyways, aggression may be of help sometimes but rarely. Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over due to aggression. A reason for aggression in sports persons is that many people have hopes on them which leads to a tension which in turn leads to aggression. A less aggressive sportsperson is more likely to be successful.

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    Please note that the soort persons are representing a country and their fame and country's pride is at stake when playing a International game. there fore getting aggresive and possessive would be the natural.
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