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    Book stores are not having enough books............

    Dear Friends,
    Today I wish to discuss - How book stores are going down day by day as new gadgets are improving day by day.

    My sincere request to all book stores is that please have book of " chandamama", "vikram aur betaal" books in basic language kannada, English, Hindi. Because now a days as for every thing we use net surfing children have lost the habits of reading books. Even in most of the book stores these kind of story books are not available. When we ask them about those books they say "Ayo! amma now every thing is available in net children don't even come to ask those books". If they don't come it doesn't mean you should not have. There are still parents who want to buy those books and make their children read. So please its a request to all book stores to have such kind of books and not disappoint the customers who ask about those books.
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    You are correct! nowadays the habit of book reading is getting reduced to a grand level in not only children but also in elders. In our childhood times, we collect the stories from weekly magazine and got bound for the youngsters as well for future reading. My uncle got such bound books in many numbers. Among one only I read 'Thillana Mohanambal' written in Tamil by one Kothamangalam Subbu which later came as Tamil movie in the same name and gave a good name for Shivaji Ganesan, Padmini and so many artists. Even yesterday I saw that film in television and remembered the story read by me over that book collection. Similar book reading habits are not at all found in children nowadays. Though there are e-books available, they are not giving fullest satisfaction of reading such stories over a book. Even weekly magazines are not containing any stories which tends us to make collecting them. It is afraid whether the story writing authors are getting diminished slowly.

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    I agree with the author in saying that book stores are not having enough books these days. As internet invaded the entire world, everybody made internet a priority. A 'chandamama' book contains limited number of stories but internet contains almost unlimited number of stories. And, reading a story in the internet is easier when compared to buying a book in a book store and then reading it. In addition, many parents are providing smartphones to their children. Due to these reasons, children are preferring internet.

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