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    Basic points to keep in mind when contributing to ISC


    The following is not just for articles, but generally would apply to your other posts as well, such as when putting descriptive text for an update, submitting a review, putting information for a school or college post, etc.

    Title issues

    1. Do not put words in quote marks.

    2. Do not put a full stop at the end of the title.

    3. While in a forum thread you can put a question mark at the end of the title, there is no need for this for an article.

    Summary issues

    Do not write a Ph.D. for the summary! Keep it concise and precise, restricted to a few sentences. Best would be to put it in a Q&A format. You thus put a query or two first with the words 'Are you searching for….?' or 'Want to know about….' and then write 'This article gives complete information about…….'

    If you come up with some good descriptive text to convey what your article is about, you can put this as an introductory paragraph to your article rather than putting it in the summary box. It will attract the reader to peruse your whole article.

    Spacing issues

    1. Leave only 1 space after a full stop and comma punctuation.

    2. Leave a one-line space just before the heading, but no space if the previous sentence ends with an ordered/unordered tags for listing points.

    3. Do not leave a long space between the number and the words on that line. Thus, it should be like this:
      1. The city has 12 primary schools.
      2. There are 10 colleges.
      And not like this:
      1. [large space................] The city has 12 primary schools.
      2. [large space................] There are 10 colleges.

    Links issues

    Tony Sir had announced the new policy change for links. Note that this does not mean that you can give links to any & every site. For example, do not give links to products' sites – in such cases, you can give a few only, with the "nofollow" attribute.

    Secondly, when giving a link to an external site(high authority sites preferred), do not let the link open in the same browser tab. Instead, add target="_blank" attribute which will open the link in another tab on the right, thus keeping the page of your post still open. This ensures that the reader is not necessarily going away from our site & will likely check the other tab, close it and come back to the ISC page.

    Another important thing to be noted while giving a link is the "rel attribute". Add only target="_blank" to the link if the external website is a Government, Educational or any other official site(.gov, .edu, .org). Add both rel="nofollow" and target="_blank" tags to all the other links that are passing to another website.

    Infolinks ads issues

    Do not place excessive Infolinks ad units via your Infolinks account. Please adhere to the Infolinks policy change.

    You can post your queries here in this one thread for any issue related to any section in relation to any confusion you have about how to post something. If your post is in pending status and you've not understood the reason stated by the editor, then too you can ask here and clear your doubts.

    Going ahead, we may add more instructions and guidelines here based on the responses we get in this thread.

    Do not post complaints here though about deleted posts!
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    1. From the above elucidation, it has become clear that a ''do-follow" link is such a link which opens the site in another tab on the right, thus keeping the page of the post still open. However, a "nofollow" link has not been explained with that degree of clarity. Please throw more light on "nofollow" links.
    2. Regarding the spacing issues, please explain as to what it means by ' if the previous sentence ends with a numbered/non-numbered tag', by giving some examples.
    3. Regarding the point no. 3 of the 'spacing issues', should there be only one space between the number and the first letter of the sentence?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you for your valuable guidance.We will adhere to the guidelines suggested by you.
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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    I am sincerely following your basic points in the forum section. I will also keep this thread in my mind and ensure it.

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    Read the useful guidance provided by the Managing Editor. I have been trying to follow the basic rules mentioned here, sometime unsuccessfully. The new change in policy regarding links allow the Members to give the links in selective cases, preferably from Government sites. But I am yet to understand the 'follow' or 'no-follow' ink.

    I don't understand about Infolinks ads. So, no comments on this issue.

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    First of all, thank you for providing some useful tips Ms. Vandana. But, to open the linked web page in a new tab, there is no need to give a do follow link.

    For example,
    <a href="" target="_blank">This</a> will open this web page in a new tab. Click here to check the above hyperlink.

    As far as I know, a do follow link will pass the link juice whereas a no follow link won't. I would like to get clarified if I am wrong.

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    The guidelnines on how to append a heading in forum and article section is well narrated by the Managing editor and we are all duty bound to follow the new instructios.
    K Mohan
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    Clarifying further:
    I have changed the text of numbered/non-numbered to ordered/unordered tags for listing points to make it more clear. If the sentence ends with the closing ol tag (listing the points with numbers) or ul tag (listing the points with with no numbers), then you can begin the next sentence or the heading of the next para immediately below it, without hitting the 'enter' key. That way, there is no space between that last previous sentence and the next one.

    Regarding the spacing after a point - yes, you can keep one space just after the number.

    Regarding the no-follow & do-follow links - I have requested one of the editors to explain it better.

    Managing Editor,

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    As we are human we can make mistakes, but when we do mistakes please instead of taking a strong step against the member, the head should always be ready to teach them and explain his/her mistakes so that he/she can rectify his/her mistake and learn something form it, isn't it.
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    Krishna, you are right in understanding what is do-follow / no-follow link. For a link to open in new tab, it's not necessarily be do-follow but must be included with target="_blank" attribute. To clarify further about do-follow, all links are naturally do-follow until you use no-follow attribute. Use rel="nofollow" along with external link if applicable. And for all internal links, no need to give Just start with slash like below.
    <a href="/forum/147655-Basic-points-to-keep-in-mind-when-contributing-to-ISC.aspx" target="_blank">This</a>
    And thank you for pointing out error. Accordingly we have updated the contents of this thread.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Editor - Forum, Ask Experts.

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    Jebaprincy, Krishna - I could not understand as to what it means by -'a do follow link will pass the link juice whereas a no follow link won't'. What is 'link juice'?

    It is understood that a 'do-follow' link opens the site in another tab on the right. What a 'no-follow' will do. Please elucidate without quoting the code. What is the practical difference?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Suppose if you're writing an article and given external link. You know your contents are indexed in Google with some ranking. Google will also try to follow the link given in your article. In this connection, if do-follow link is given, Google will follow that link and give some weightage (ranking) to the contents of that link. Here link juice (Juice is a technical term like fruit juice) is passing from your article to the link you given. If the link is no-follow, Google will NOT follow that link and its contents. This applies to internal links too. That is why we are instructing to use all internal links as do-follow [link juice should pass through our site to be healthy]

    And we have updated this thread's contents. Thus your understanding, "It is understood that a 'do-follow' link opens the site in another tab on the right" is wrong. Only target="_blank" will do the link be opened in a new tab.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Editor - Forum, Ask Experts.

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    Jebaprincy - Thank you. It is now much clear. Also, I have re-read the thread and was able to remove my misconception.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Just to clarify further about the links, as instructed by the Webmasters:
    When you give links to other high authority websites, use the target="_blank" attribute so that the linked site will open in a new window. Also, if you are linking to other websites which are not so high authority, then you should use rel="nofollow" attribute as well so that search engines will consider such links are not meant for promotions.

    Managing Editor,

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    The tipss on how to append a heading in forum and article section is well narrated by the Managing editor and we are all duty bound to follow the new instructios.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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