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    What is the address of Health Minister of India?

    What is the address of Health Minister of India ? Can we send him letters on healthcare system? Do you think it will reach him?
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    Each ministry of the Government of India has its own well-developed website e.g. in the instant case the concerned ministry i.e. the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has its website -

    On this website under 'E-Citizen/Tender' , there is a drop down menu through which 'Right to Information' can be accessed. On the RTI page, there is a link to 'Click here for a Who is Who in the Department' clicking on which a document opens on which following information is displayed - Union Minister - Jagat Prakash Nadda together with his phone numbers and email addresses. In addition to above names, phone numbers and email addresses of PS to HFM, OSD to HFM, Addl. PS to HFM, 1st PA to HFM and S.O. HFM office are also displayed.

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    The Health Minister of India,
    Room No. 348;
    'A' Wing, Nirman Bhavan,
    New Delhi-110011
    Phone 011-23063024, 011-23063513, 011-23061661
    FAX 011-23062358
    Email id (For Letters on Policies, Issues, Suggestions and Grievances ) (For seeking Appointments with HFM)

    Your letter may or may not reach the Health Minister as all mails received in the ministry would be filtered out. Only very important letters which needs the attention of the minister would be put up in file for the Minister to view.

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    The website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is You can get the address, e-mail id and telephone numbers (including those of the Cabinet Minister) of top officers from the Website. Furthermore you can also contact the Minister using Twitter. Nowadays, all Ministers have Twitter accounts. Moreover, you can write letter to the Minister who sits at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. In case of public greivance, you may contact the Health Minister by CPGRAMS.
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  • #576055 is the web site of ministry of health and family welfare. In this web site, you can find the contact details i.e. phone number, email id etc,. of the health minister. But I doubt that your message will not reach the minister as some ministers just don't care and the other ministers are too busy to read every message they get. In case the letter is about a very important issue, it may reach the health minister and the issue may be solved.

    #575987 (Mr. Partha Kansabanik) : Will a tweet in twitter be cared by the minister? I don't think so.

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