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    Indian wrestler Narsingh Yadav banned for 4 years and debarred from Rio Olympics 2016

    The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), India had exonerated Narsingh Yadav following two positive anti-doping tests giving him the benefit of doubt that he was a victim of sabotage (food/drink tampering) by another person.

    However, the World anti-doping agency (WADA) was not satisfied with the decision of NADA and filed an appeal to the ad hoc division of Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) which did not accept the argument of the athlete that he was the victim of sabotage and observed that there was no evidence that he bore no fault. Narsingh Yadav was ousted from the Olympics yesterday and slapped with a four-year ban.

    A review of the decision can be filed if further evidence is found pertaining to the claim of sabotage made by Narsingh.
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    All ISCians are not interested in sports. Who is Narsingh Yadav and what sports does he play? Let your message be clear with all such explanation. Many members like me may not be aware of the sportsperson of India representing in Olympics.
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    Thank you Sun. Edited title of the thread suitably.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Narsingh Yadav said to media that saying he was devastated at the decision of CAS would be putting it mildly. He added that he had gone through so much over the last two months and the thought of fighting for the glory of India at the Olympics had kept him going on but his dream of competing and winning the country a medal at the Rio Olympics has been cruelly snatched away twelve hours before the first bout. Somehow, I believe that he was a victim of sabotage. Let us hope that he will win a medal in the next Olympics.

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    The entire episode is mysterious to me. It was published that some junior wrestler mixed some banned drug in his food. Later he was exonerated by NADA. WADA was not satisfied with the decision of NADA an appealed before the CAS. Now, CAS has found Narsingh guilty and he has been banned for 4 years! A thorough probe must be initiated by the Government and the actual guilty must not be spared under any circumstance.
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