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    Should collective fines be imposed on villages or towns on repeated violations of prohibition law?

    There are news reports in the media that in Bihar the District magistrates can impose collective fines on villages, towns or community if repeated violations of prohibition law occur. Now questions are being raised as to how collective fines can be imposed on a whole village or town for repeated offences by individuals?
    Many people are hinting that the concerned law enforcing authorities may misuse the provision for harassing the people etc.
    According to law, unless a criminal conspiracy is established, other persons cannot be punished.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
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    Its downright injustice to punish (imposing fine in this case) everyone in the village for mistakes or law prohibitions committed by some individuals. This law may work in two ways. In a fear of punishment, people will take measures to prevent others from committing any mistake. On the other hand, police etc,. may use it to blackmail people etc,. As it is said that "It is better to leave 10 culprits than punishing one non culprit", this imposing collective fines on village or town people law should not be implemented.

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