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    Legendary 'Machhli' passes away-cremated with Hindu rituals

    'Machhli' is no more. The legendary Ranthamvore tigress, which was the most-photographed tigress of the world, died due to various complications related to old-age. She was 19 (it must be remembered that the average life-span of a tiger/tigress is 15-16 years). Machhli, designated as T-16, was also known as "lady of the lake" because she could be found mostly around the local water body. However, that was not the reason why she was named Machhli, which means "fish" in Hindi. She got the name because some marks on her face which resembled that of a fish. Machhli's legendary fight with a 14-foot-long crocodile created a history and it was the first time such an encounter was recorded and filmed.

    The famous tigress was later cremated with the observance of Hindu rituals.

    RIP, Machhli!
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    Why not you attach a photograph of 'Machchli' for the ISCians to have a look at her?

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    The tigress is extremely beautiful. I fell in love at the first sight. Unfortunately I on't know in which computer folder my daughter has kept her pics. But hundreds of photos of 'Machhli' are available in internet. These snaps and videos can easily be seen. But I can't upload those snaps and videos in this platform.
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    I would like to know - How do we know that the tigress is a Hindu animal? Can't it be a Christian or Muslim tigress? Are all animals in India Hindu only? Why should she be buried according to Hindu rites?
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    Ask any Muslim or Christian friend whether he/she is willing to include this animal in his/her religion. And the tiger/tigress is really part of Hindu religion. Please remember 'Sherwali Mata' in North India and 'Bon-bibi' in Sundarban area of Bengal.
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    Also, I have never seen animals being cremated. They are only buried. It is a sin to cremate animals. Are you sure that the tigress was cremated? If done, they cannot raise a monument there.
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    Perhaps the humans are more dangerous animals than even tigers because they can divide their own clan, based on varying factors. The wild animals are relatively simple. They have no classification based on caste creed and religion. Despite the fact that the claws and canines of wild animals are sharper than those of humans, but the AK-47 trotting terrorists are definitely more dangerous than the wildest animals. Once upon a time, humans used to kill tigers as a game. Now they are publishing obituaries.

    Machhali, born in 1997 was known as Mataji also. In old age, she lost her canines and had cataract in her eyes. She had been critically ill since August. A 50 minute, documentary titled of Tiger Queen was aired by National Geographic and Animal Planet channels. The Government of India had issued a commemorative postal cover and stamp to honor her. She was celebrated with titles such as Queen Mother of Tigers, Tigress Queen of Ranthambore, Lady of the Lakes, and Crocodile Killer.

    According to media reports, she was cremated with the observance of Hindu rituals.

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    #576021: Yes, the dead tigress was cremated. Photo of the cremation is available on Internet.
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    Very sad to learn that tigress has died and it was cremated with Hindu honors and that proves that the tigress Machili had great respect in every one.
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    I just came to know that Machchli, India's oldest tigress even has a face book page. She is refusing food and water recently and is sitting silently from some days (according to her face book page). She died two days before. Rest in Peace Machhli.

    #576021 (Mr. Sun) : Machchli is cremated. A post mortem is conducted and then she was cremated. The reason for cremation is to avoid organ harvesting.

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    Here is the photograph of Macchhli for those who have been requesting for one. Please note that the image has been downloaded from third party site.
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    Macchhli has won a few titles for herself. One of them was "Queen of the Lake". This title was first held by her mother. Apart from that, she was also known by the names like "Legendary". "iconic" and "queen mother".

    She had a mark of a fish on her face and that is exactly what earned her the name. It has been stated that she lived a full life of around 20 years. In 2003, she earned a name of a "crocodile killer" after killing a crocodile after a hour and half long fight.

    Long Live the tradition of Maccli... May her soul rest in peace.

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