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(This thread is the wins Special Prize for the TOW for the week 14th Aug - 20th Aug’16)
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    And thus brother monk forgot to shed his burden

    Recently, while going through one of the threads, I was appalled to find a horrific response about the Olympic dress of a star sportswoman of the country. Once the final match was over and the results known, the rest of the country unburdened themselves of the tension, which had got built since the semi-final stage. But, one of our esteemed ISC friends burdened himself with finding fault with the dress of the star. The incident reminded me of a popular Chinese fable which goes as follows.

    Once 2 monks were heading for home from a nearby town. On the way came a river. A beautiful young lady was standing at the banks, unable to cross. One of the monks offers help, which the lady gladly accepts. The monk carries her on his shoulders. Once at the other bank, they part their own ways. But the 2nd monk was distressed and angry. He says nothing. All through the journey he continues to simmer inside. Once they were in the vicinity of their village, the 2nd monk couldn't help it anymore. He burst out. "That's not done brother. It's a sin, even to think of a girl and you have touched her, carried a beautiful lady on your shoulders. Not done, not done at all." To this the 1st monk replies, "Brother, I had shed my burden at the river bank itself, but I am surprised to find you carrying yours, even hours into the journey." Needless to say the 2nd monk was left speechless.

    Perhaps our own ISC brother too will shed his burden and instead focus more on posting good threads, that he usually does.
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    Excellent thread by Mr. Dhruv! Although I missed the thread which discussed about the dress code of participants, after reading this thread, I have understood the content of that thread. I hope the particular Member (I don't know who he/she is) will take note. Let us concentrate on the main issues, not on trivial, meaningless matters.
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    Some times we give undue importance to the matters not concerned in public forum and this is also one the example of wasting the invetigative time and also trying to gain space here.
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    Neither, I have not gone through the response mentioned by the author nor I have any interest to search the same for reading as I am aware of such mentality of few individuals. As a matter of fact, perhaps many individuals watch the sports events only for offering their commentary on the dress codes instead of their interest in the game itself.

    The sportspersons have to wear dresses best suited for any particular game so as to not to interfere with the actual playing of the game. However, the General Authority for Sports (GAS) of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for Saudi women to wear Shariah-compliant outfits only during the games. Also, they have to be accompanied by mahram i.e. a close male relative during their tour. The Saudi Olympic Committee has requested its international counterparts to exclude Saudi sportswomen from the usual sports outfits.

    The Olympic team uniforms are different from what the athletes actually wear while they compete. The official uniforms are only worn during special events, like the opening and closing ceremonies. According to the reports, the Olympic dress codes for men and women are progressing towards gender equality

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Well, I saw that response and felt disgusted. By the time I wanted to respond to that response, the thread is locked. My response to that member is as follows. "She wore the dress because it is comfortable while playing. Do you want her to wear a traditional dress and lose the game? She got us a medal and you are thinking about her dress which is not even a bit indecent." By the way, nice story Mr. Dhruv.

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