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    When we can find beautiful faces why we are not finding beautiful minds ?

    Some times we yearn to meet good people in our life and we wont get one. But we could see some beautiful faces on the road, on television and on every corner we go but we fail to get a good hearted person or caring person in our life. Some times even a good faced person also behaves like a good heart person but that cannot be taken as granted. It is generally said that those who are good at face wont be good at their character or reaching out. Can you make comments on this post with some references.
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    A beautiful thread by Mohan Sir.
    Our mind is created to see the beauties and praise beauties. However, we forget one thing that the moon also has some black spots, even though it is beautiful. I'm not saying in every beauty there is a black mark, but its human' tendency is to choose beauty first and then character. There are many tales on love failures due to wrong approach to wrong personalities. Character is unseen in beauty; but character is more beautiful than a beauty. It's my saying. Never loss your character and kill yourself after a beauty; you can see the beauty in a good character. Learn finding a character from a blind person; the blind always sees a person with others' character not by their face. See like a blind deeply inside one's heart; you'll find and judge yourself which is more beautiful, the outer beauty or the character!

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    It is said that the 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the actual physical beauty or otherwise of the individual with whom we are interacting becomes insignificant. Nowadays, Olympics are underway and I find the winners more beautiful than the others irrespective of their physique. Similarly, I always find all achievers, prettier or more handsome than their counterparts. A kind of invisible aura can always be sensed radiating on the face of the accomplished individuals.

    Physical appearance cannot be linked with the character or qualities of an individual. Both the attributes are quite different and distinct. To cite an example, yesterday during the Badminton Olympic finals, I found Carolina Marin prettier not because of her complexion but because of the calm composure, she carried throughout the game radiating a confidence truly deserving for a world's number one rank holder and an Olympic gold medalist.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You are right Mr. Mohan. People with beautiful face and beautiful character are rarely seen. Seeing beauty in face instead of beauty in character is wrong. For example, people see whether the face is beautiful or not in the girl/boy they will marry. That may lead to many problems. It is better to marry a person whose face is not beautiful but having a good character than marrying a person whose face is very beautiful but doesn't have a good character. Anyways, the persons with beautiful character will earn the respect from other people.

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    Although our first attraction goes for good look, but in later we search for good heart and mind, but we all know it is not easy. As we can not judge a person for first look or first meet.
    There is always controversy whether a love marriage is best or arrange marriage.
    Who ever support arrange marriage, I would like to ask them just by seeing there photo, how can you judge the mind and heart and what is the assurance of getting a good bride or groom?
    So we should always give time to make friends, marriage so that we can have a good person in our life.
    In our forum there was discussion regarding when we see a black skin person we imagine him/her as a negative character, where as fair skin person brings thought of a good person. This all is our mind set.
    So only spending some time and moment will bring good person in our life.

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