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    ‘Kutte ki dum kabhi sidhi nahi hoti’ meaning and example

    In 2005, I used to go Satsang once in a week to interact with good people, get information about health, family, relations, etc and particularly to involve myself with some music and songs. However, later I came to know that there are many people with filthy, egoistic and rude mindset. I just tried myself to be getting rid of them; however I couldn't, as they're in high positions in that association and need regular interactions in any matters. Being in holistic and religious institution, how people still not changed their characters and behaviour? Then I understand, whenever you go you'll find the same kind of people; it is well said in Hindi as 'a dog's tail is crooked forever' or 'can't teach an old dog new tricks'.

    What you say on this topic? Do you ever come across such incidents in your life; put your words here.
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    This question has baffled me also and last year I had raised the following thread to find an answer-
    Why the tail of a dog is always crooked?
    The equivalent idiom in the English language is 'a leopard can't change its spots'.
    We do come across many such individuals during our interactions in our social circle or workplace.
    However, at least we should change or moderate ourselves and don't expect anymore that the leopard will change its spots.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I would say in this way - "Impossibles can never be made possible " The dog's tail or the leopard spot means the same.
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    Well, the proverb or the saying is used to denote the fact that a person - especially an evil, or incorrigible person cannot be reformed. We do come across many occasions in our day to day life where this saying holds good.
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    Yes for some people they always have the attitude of asserting others though they know that they are in wrong path. What is the use of listening to satsang and religious discourses, when they cannot change their attitude ? It is better we should be away from them , else we are also transformed to their character. That is why elders used to say to move with learned and one step ahead persons of your life so that good things are passed on to you. So choosing the right friendship matters here. And what is more intriguing that they keep on coming to us to field their position and that is very annoying.
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