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    What is your favorite Olympic game to watch on television?

    Total 28 sports are being played at Rio Olympic 2016 in which more than 11,000 athletes from 207 National Olympic Committees are competing. This year two new sports - golf and rugby sevens have been added.

    Many people watch such events due to various reasons. Some ardent fans even visit all the way to the venue from far away places to be a part of the mega event and share few moments in the air of enthusiasm and excitement. However, more people watch the games on their television sets.

    Even the visuals of the games appeal many who have no particular commitment to any sport and they also watch the programs as a television show. I like watching gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming and athletics more compared to say sailing, shooting or equestrian.

    What is your favorite Olympic game to watch on television?
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    My favorite game in Olympic is gymnastic, tennis and wrestling. Games like Gymnastic and Wrestling are very technical, where the players need to concentrate both on their physique and mindset. As I've seen several times, players fails in these games due to lack of concentration.
    Naresh Kumar
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    I am a sports lover and my favorite games are Cricket, Tennis, Badminton,Kho-Kho and Kabadi. In specific to Olympics, I love to watch Tennis, Badminton and Athletics events like Long jump, High jump and Short put.But out of my favorite games, unfortunately due to some reasons Cricket is not there in Olympics and the rest of the games like Kabadi and Kho-Kho are the traditional games specific only to India.

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    I am a ardent cricket fan and during Olympics I really like to watch various games in Gymnastics which is really a treat to watch as every field has its own importance and the players are really trained to do that.
    K Mohan
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    Well, as far as Olympics is concerned. I love watching Badminton, Tennis and Athletics. They are quite easy to follow even if you are not aware of the exact rules of the game.

    Moreover these games tend to finish in just an hour most of the times.

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    Well, I am not interested in any sport, not even cricket. I watch a sport in television only if it is a very special match. When I was in 10th class, world cup cricket was two days before the last final exam. I watched the entire match even though I don't know much about cricket. I don't know anything about badminton but I watched the entire semi finals and finals of badminton in this Olympics as an Indian gave a tough competition to world no.1 of that game. Recently, I am getting an interest in gymnastics and I may watch gymnastics from now on.

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