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A suggestion has been made by an ISC member to award a copper medal to all Olympics' participants who do not win a medal. How about the Govt. of India rewarding the entire Team India contingent?
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    Reward Team India Olympians! - a campaign by

    Dear sports loving members of ISC,

    No Olympian should return to their country without getting a medal in hand. The Olympic committee should introduce a new medal that should be awarded to all participants of the Olympic games. Everyone who fetches a gold or silver or bronze is honoured by their own country by awarding heavy cash prizes, job opportunities, gifts and what not and all, but other non winning Olympians are simply ignored and forgotten.

    What I suggest is - There should be a standard medal awarded to all Olympians who fail to get a gold or silver or bronze. They should also have good cash prizes. The country to which the Olympian belong should also honour them with cash prizes, awards and gifts. This would boost the morale of the participants in Olympic games.

    I strongly recommend a fourth medal "Copper" for this purpose.

    Members, your comments, please.
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    The idea may not be financially feasible for the country hosting the Olympics since there are literally thousands of participants. It could be done by individual Governments though.

    Coming to our own country: Instead of a medal, what I think should be given to every member of Team India who qualified for Rio is a 'Certificate of Excellence'. On the certificate it should be clearly stated that the recipient is an Olympian to indicate having participated in the Olympics. The year and place (e.g. 2016 Rio Olympics) could be mentioned other than, of course, the name. The certificate should have the stamp of the Sports Ministry, Govt. of India and the signature of the Prime Minister. A cash prize should also definitely be given.

    I will tune the title of this thread and we can all share it on our FB pages - let's start a campaign to show our pride in Team India!

    Managing Editor,

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    It is very tiny step for the government as govt spends a lot of money for them. However if government can do this it could be not only a wonderful gift but also a hope for them to participate in coming Olympic. Dutee chand was nicely welcomed and felicitated by Govt of Odisha after returning from Olympic empty handedly. Even though she didn't brought any medal for us, but she became an example for our next generation. The idea of copper medal or a shield with some cash prize is really needed for them to create and maintain more spirit and zeal for next event.
    Naresh Kumar
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    That could be a good idea to boost the morale of the sports persons of any country - not only India. I second the opinion shared by the author of the thread. But, it may not be possible for the country hosting the Olympics as it would indeed be a huge financial burden for them. A nation that hosts the games may not be gaining much as it has been expected. There are many expenses involved in the arrangements for the games and adding one more may not be a good idea.

    But yes - providing a certificate of merit - either by the hosting country, or the government of the participating country could be a good beginning. In fact, such a certificate from World Olympic body can be more fulfilling for a sports person.

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    I don't know exactly, but generally, in all such events, all participants are given a certificate of participation irrespective of their winning any medal or position or not. Nobody goes to participate in the Olympics straight away. They have to have certain credentials as evident from their existing track records and have to qualify for being nominated for participation in the Olympics. Thus the players are already achievers in their respective fields e.g. P.V. Sindhu had already been awarded Padma Shri and Arjun Award because of her achievement so far even prior to winning a silver in the Olympics. Now, I anticipate that she will be awarded may be Padma Vibhusan in near future.

    We all know about the Flying Sikh Milkha Singh. He never won any Olympic medal but a biopic based on his life was a great hit.

    All players who participate in the Olympics do get many merit-based benefits because of their having risen to the level of participation in the Olympics. Those who are employed, get out of turn promotions, advanced increments or other cash incentives also. Many find endorsements assignments and sponsors. There is sports quota also in many organizations and an Olympian is likely to get a benefit of the same.

    Regarding the copper medal, I have two points. Why there is no 'Platinum Medal' above 'Gold Medal' like the Member Level Platinum of ISC and secondly the certificates of participation are nothing but a 'Paper Medal' . Thus apparently there is no room for a copper medal.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I feel that by qualifying to participate in Olympic games itself a big plus point for any player but when they fail to perform or get even bronze medal, the treatment meted out is different and they are not care for. So the suggestion of the author to give bronze medal to every participant who failed to get a gold , silver or bronze would be satisfied as some thing is given to him or her.
    K Mohan
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    The best reward which a sportsperson can get is to be appreciated for his or her tireless efforts in their respective sport.To make it the Olympics itself is a huge achievement and even if they lose,they should be supported fully by the Indian government or at least their respective states by opening a sports academy for promoting and developing their particular sport in that state itself.In this way,the cities if birth of the sportsperoan will also gain recognition and there will be more young talent attracted towards that sport.For example,there is a badminton and tennis academy famous in Hyderabad since Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal,and now P.V Sindhu were trained here.Yes, a copper medal would indeed be a very great award and will motivate more sportspersons in many other sports where participation has been less.
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    I agree with you Mr. Sun. Giving a copper medal for the participants will be very encouraging. And, I don't think giving a copper medal will be a financial burden when compared to what they are spending for conducting the sports. In Rio 2016 Olympics, there are a total of 11544 athletes participating. The total operating budget of previous Olympics is in billions of american dollars. The operating budget for this Olympics will be more when compared to the previous one. So, a copper medal and a small cash prize will look like a baby when compared to the operating budget.

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