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    Difference between debate and speech. Why these are necessary practices in schools and colleges?

    I want to ask my friends why debate and speech is a regular habit in schools and colleges? What are the benefits to students on conducting such competitions in their educational institutions? Why students must participate in debate and speech competition?

    In fact many students are getting confused with these two terms. They don't know which is debate and which is speech. Some candidates wrongly prepare without knowing the methods and styles of debate and speech. Dear authors please put your valuable information here by answering clearly to my questions.
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    A speech is self-oriented with no opponents to counter, whereas a debate is between two or more with a competitive and winning spirit. If two people give speech on the same topic, it is a debate.

    Modi's lecture from the rampart of Red fort is a 'Speech'
    Modi's speech and Sonia's speech in parliament about GST is a 'Debate'

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    If we compare both, which is really more benefit for students to get knowledge and quality of leadership?
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    I think debate would be more helpful to the students. Debate is to listen to others and counter their speech by noting down the speech of the opponents. It would be a spontaneous act rather than sitting and preparing a speech.
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    My impromptu response is as follows-

    When Narendra Modi talks from the rampart of the red fort on the Independence Day, then it is a speech. His speeches at the UN General Assembly, Madison Square Garden and many such other famous speeches were 'speech'. Speeches are generally unilateral. The orator speaks and the audience listens. There are no rebuttals etc. Many leaders like Sonia Gandhi read a prepared speech and many others deliver impromptu.

    Debates, on the other hand , are what we see in the Parliament. It is not unilateral. The other participants also speak and often offer comments on what was said by the previous debater and raise queries also.

    The lone cause of the confusion among students about the two terms may be the lack of understanding by their teachers who are not able to unambiguously explain to the students. Students should be involved more in debates and group discussions as later for finding a job, such skills are likely to come in handy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Debate and speech are two different subjects and it is imperative to know about that. While the debate is the deliberation of talking or writing on a particular issue which has been raised by the moderator. For example every day in the morning the news channels on television would take the day's news papers topic headlines and initiate debate. On the other hand speech is the matter which can be elaborate in writing or extempore. Our Prime Minister Modi known for extempore speech as he is well versed to talk on any subject for hours together and that is the plus point for any leader.
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    Speech is purely a single way of expressing a person's thoughts on a particular topic whereas Debate is a kind of argument between two groups where one group will support an idea and the other group will oppose the ideas of the opponent.

    While delivering a speech, the participants should concentrate more on the points to be delivered, tone of speech and body gestures. More importantly,the speaker should not deviate from the topic. Listeners are the key for success and so the speech should be delivered in a beautiful way to attract the listeners.

    While participating in a debate, the participants should concentrate more on the speech of their opponents and should counter attack the points of their opponents with a valid justification. The participants should oppose the points of the opponents in a friendly manner and more importantly abusive words should not be used while opposing the ideas.

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    Whether you give a speech or debate in a public platform, please ensure some smile on your face, so that your speech or debate remains in the heart of the listeners of your speech or debate. A speech or debate should be very interesting to the audience rather than a boring one that would tempt the audience to take off from their seats.

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    Difference between debate and speech have already been elaborated by many members above. Therefore, I would like to focus on their importance.
    Both speech and debate are a form of public speaking, which is a challenging field. They help the participating students in learning to overcome their fears and facing a large audience. Being able to complete the task is a confidence booster for any student. It also brings out the articulation skills in students.
    Extempore speech competitions push students to think on their feet and analyze a topic, think of all important points related to it, decide a flow of direction the speech should take all the while making it interesting and convincing enough for the audience. They really are a good judge of the intelligence and ability to tackle pressure of the participants.
    Debates are even more beneficial as they teach students a way of resolving differences in opinion through civilized ways of discussion (including articulating your points efficiently and listening intently and understanding the opponents points). Debates being interactive, teach additional qualities such as respecting and understanding the opponents point of view. They also require a thorough research of both sides of the topic they are debating (for and against). One is required for preparing one's own argument and the other is required to counter opponents argument. Audience question rounds at the end of each speakers talk further test the true understanding and ability of the speaker to convince the audience with their answers.
    Thus overall, both of these are important activities that are conducted in school, and they continue to help the students out the rest of their lives, especially in leadership roles.


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