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    Did you ever raised your voice against corruption?

    Since after independence, Indians are suffering with a disease as corruption. In my life I've seen many violent riots, nonviolence protest sittings, strikes occurred in our country and known facts about other countries. During my school days, in class 10th I've participated in a day long hunger strike against my schools' activities. Later in 2012, I went for strike against my employer at Hyderabad. However I can't forget the horrible scenes of repeatedly strikes at Hyderabad for Telangana. Most of the time people go for strike to get something or to oppose anything. People are always saying and complaining about corruption; but do you think they're too righteous to stand against corruption! I don't think so. It's because all are given bribes or monetary offer to raise their voice in public. Did you ever raised your voice against corruption?
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    Yes, I talked about corruption on many occasions e.g. on this thread also I am posting my response condemning the evil of corruption in all its forms and formats. During my service period, we used to observe the 'Vigilance Awareness Week' for creating awareness among the stakeholders.

    However, raising voice against the evil of corruption and actually achieving tangible results are two entirely different things. It is a fallacy of the democratic form of the Government which requires general elections and winning the elections by various political parties to come in power. To ensure victory in the elections, muscle power as well as money power is required. Money comes from the industrialists and the businessmen who finance the elections in the form of investing in a business and bargain for concessions and benefits in lieu of the same from the concerned political parties. Thus the cycle of corruption begins and gains momentum in due course.

    Maybe barring few exceptions, all the citizens are also involved in the corrupt practices as they are willing to participate in the same by offering bribes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I never raised my voice against corruption, but I always remained away from corruption. In our country corruption rules. If you don't go with corruption, survival becomes difficult. Corruption is a figureless element that cannot be defeated easily. Corruption has become part and parcel of our life in one way or the other. We can see only defeat if we raise our voice against corruption. The law enforcing authorities are the most corrupted people in our society. It is like the fence eating the crops.

    " Give bribe, but don't take bribe." A new slogan to follow. If everyone can understand this golden slogan, there will be no corruption.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    When my wife want to have the driving license, most people advised me to approach a broker who shall facilitate that. But on approaching a broker, he demanded 500 rupees for learning license and that was big I thought. But on going to the RTA office I could know that for just 17 rupees challan, your are allowed to take the driving test and the license is issued within one day. What I am trying to say here that though I have not protested the way the broker has been asking high price to fetch a driving license, I am happy that I could prevent the corruption that would have taken place to fetch the license.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I completely agree with you Mr. Sun. The slogan you mentioned must be displayed as banners everywhere. Its more than gold i.e. diamond or platinum. The word corruption itself makes me feel very angry and lose control over myself. Corruption is like a cancer. If we leave our leg effected with cancer alone, whole body may get effected. We should remove it. Likewise, people who are responsible for corruption must be severely punished. I never raised my voice against corruption because it would like a brick (me) fighting an entire house (other people).

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    Sun Sir,
    Can you please elaborate your slogan " Give bribe, but don't take bribe." What is meant by give bribe but don' take bribe? How it'll create awareness among people against corruption?

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    My view is the corruption is started from our side only. Unless our people extends their hand by showing carrot to move the paper or to get the things done, the practice would not have come. We only developed and now worried much.

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    I am strongly against corruption in any level. But when I see I am not getting a facility which is due to me as I refuse to give bribe to the concerned person, what can I do? There is no one to listen to my grievances and even if there is someone to listen to me, no action is taken. So how we can fight against the corruption?

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