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    Are schools overloading students with project work ?

    Does project works assigned by teachers actually help the students or is it a burden on the parents? This thread is almost an emotional outburst of a mother who feels that the system need to change. Read on and offer your comments.

    I always get tensed whenever my children are asked to do projects by their teachers. I keep wondering to what extent my child is benefiting by doing the project. But almost all the time , whenever a project is given it is me who is doing it instead of my child. As it is children have loads of homework and they do not have time to do the project work. And they also worry that they would lose marks if they do not complete the project. So finally I have to pacify my child by doing his work. Everytime I do a project I keep telling myself that this is the last time I will do a project for my child. But again after a few days a new project will be given and I find myself doing it again. I get the feeling that if I don't do it for my child then who is going to help him. And as this continues the child has made a decision that homework is for him and the project work is for his mother.
    When I explain the situation to his teachers during the parent-teacher meet they always say that they will not give extra work again. But it keeps repeating. Even when I was studying , in my school days, I never did this many project works. I was happy just attending school , doing my homework and studying regularly. Now , it is is like being a student again. But this time I am not enjoying it. It seems like a punishment. I wonder how this type of projects help my child. I hope the system changes and my child also enjoys his school days like how I did when I was young.
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    Though I don't about the particular school being mentioned by the author but in general most of the schools are using project work as a learning tool . Despite the fact that in most of the cases, parents complete the project work, the students also get invariably involved in the same directly or indirectly.

    In case the projects being assigned to the students are intelligently chosen by the teachers who are properly trained and experienced, then it helps in understanding the underlying principles and theories. However, in many schools, the teachers themselves don't understand fully and just copy the methodologies used in the reputed schools.

    Involvement in the assigned project work enables the students to get involved in planning, thinking , organizing and executive the given task. The executed projects appear like tangible results. It is the duty of the parents to guide the children in learning through execution of project work.

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    Indeed schools are giving lots of project work to their children and which is beyond their age limit to complete it. This is really burdening students and parents both. Students won't be able to complete it and ultimately parents end up doing it. This project work does not benefit students in any way and teachers should understand this fact soon. The work load for students should reduce otherwise it becomes very tiring for students and they won't be able to concentrate on their students.

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    Yes less education and more project work seems to be the new mantra of corporate schools to show the parents that they are also involving the students in daily affairs. For example every saturday is designated as the paper day work. That means children must do some formations or things through paper cutting and so on. Besides that any festivals of importance must also be attended. Now Sri Krishna Jayanthi is round the corner the children are asked to prepare chart on any one mischief done by Lord Krishna. But the highlight of these so called project works ends up on the head of mother or the father. Children are no way interested to prepare those charts or create some characters. On the other hand the parents are taking much interest so that their child must stand at the top in class. But what is more disgusting that those charts which are made with lots of time and effort are torn off and put in dust bin.
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    In my opinion, we should avoid such type of schools. These are kind of doing show off business. These type of schools are not only creating stress in the minds of students but also that of parents. Instead of joining our children in schools which give continuous work to students, we should go for some mid range schools, which concentrate only on teaching the subjects. For creating enthusiasm in students, parents can give some projects to their children by watching some Youtube videos or by going through some websites.

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    These days, schools are becoming a burden t children and their parents too. My brother is studying 62 now and he is carrying a bag with 20+ books. That is a physical burden on a child (back pain) due to schools. And, teachers are giving lots of home work and lots of project work to children. Thus, they are giving mental burden to the child (stress due to lots of work) and their parents (like the one experienced by author here). So, I give a suggestion to the author. Change the school, no matter how popular (skilled teachers etc,.) it is.

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    The schools should give only those projects which the children are interested in doing. They should find out whether the child is willing to do it or not. All schools whether they are government schools or private , ask students to do project work. It will be better if the school realizes to what extent the child benefits by doing the project.

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    Well, that has been the new system of education. Projects are meant to be the kind of activities you indulge in with a view to improve the horizon of your knowledge. What is being observed in the current system, however, is just copy writing in the name of projects.

    Just the other day my son who is in the 6th standard was asked to write on what kind of activities do we need to undertake to aid the differently abled children. When he asked his teacher for the inputs for the write up, the answer he got was to search over the internet. Do I need to say anything else in this context?

    In fact, she should have given him a brief idea about the steps we can take to improve the status of those children so that he could have grasped the idea and expanded the concept further. If we are only suggesting copying the already published content, what kind of creativity are we promoting?

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    From my personal experience I can say without any iota of doubt that the projects are totally worthless for the students (upto Secondary level). Not only that it is time-consuming, students don't learn anything from these projects and the guardians have to spend a lot for getting these project done from outside. If a student does a project on his/her own, it gets less mark and he/she receives undesirable comments from the teachers.
    The students would find the project useful only if they understand underlying theories or conceptions behind such projects, which is not possible in India's present education system. I would strongly vote for discontinuation of such project because these are useless, time-consuming and sheer wastage of money for the parents.

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    It's the Project-based learning (PBL) / enquiry-based learning was implemented by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) for a positive learning experience where there is much of students involvement in the learning process. In fact the students enjoy such an activity-based learning. But unfortunately some of the schools are not following the PBL guidelines and just giving the activity with no much time to submit.

    My daughter is in 2nd std and I just help her to do her activity. She enjoys doing the work and in fact learns a lot by doing so.

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    Though it is an off-topic I want to mention about it. Yesterday, I visited one of the schools in our town in which a science fair is being organized. In the fair, I could see only electricity project models like solar, hydel, electrolytic, tidal, etc. I could hardly find any other science project in that fair even though the fair was meant for all kinds of science projects. I thought students are doing projects, which can be easily demonstrated and which are easily available in the internet. I have asked one of the students about the wattage of the solar panel he using, for which he has no answer. Then, I realized that they don't have in-depth knowledge of the project that they are doing. They expect the visitors to turn ON a switch so that a small fan, which is connected to a solar panel, will rotate.

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    I do agree with your point Bhuvaneswara Rao. Unfortunately, that is the plight of the students who just mug up what they learn without the understanding of the concept. The parents too are no less as they insist their children for getting higher score only but they don't bother about the knowledge gain.
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