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    Sri Krishna Jayanthi special: Which mischief of Lord Krishna has attracted you ?

    We all know that Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanthi is round the corner and surely every home would be agog with activities to celebrate the grand festival in befitting manner. But what I am asking is very simple. Lord Krishna when he was child was known for many mischief and he used to give challenging times to every one including his own mother. Kindly append which Bala Leela of Sri krishna impressed you and why. I like his stealing of butter and when he also eats some mud when the stolen butter has fallen on the ground which annoys Yashodha and she forces him to open the mouth to find Akilandakoti Brahmandam , that means entire Universe.
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    I like the way Krishna took away the garments of the Kopikas who were bathing in the river and made them feel naked inside the water.

    I played the same role when I was a child and went to a river with my relative girls with whom I was entitled to make joke and fun. .

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Wow Sun your like of Lord Krishna playing hide and seek by literally stolen away all the clothes of his Gopikas who were taking bath in a pond has portrayed him the change from Bal to youth avastha. Good selection.
    K Mohan
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    Well, Krishna's has been my all time favourite mythological character. I like all the endeavours that Krishna has performed all through his life.
    However, I love watching, or reading about him as a simple human being with a vast political knowledge and adept political manipulation. Rather than seeing him as a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, I love visualising him as a Kingmaker of his time. He did have a huge clout in the politics of that time and he used it in an abundant way to help his favourite Pandavas in their quest for supremacy in the region.

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    The names Navanitchora, Makhanchora itself says about the meaning of Krishna with mischief activities. Lord Krishna's activities in childhood are very funny, romantic, and some are meaningful too. There are many learning information from His mischief activities.
    Naresh Kumar
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    The Hindu concept of 'Lila' means playing for fun. The playfulness of Krishna has inspired the celebration 'Dahi Handi' which is more popular in Maharashtra particularly Mumbai. The 'Dahi Handi' festival is associated with the 'Makhan Chor' (stealing of butter) image of the Krishna mentioned by the author of the thread and is celebrated on the day of Krishna Janmashtami.

    In the 'Dahi Handi' celebration, a human pyramid is made and attempts are made to break an earthen pot filled with curd which is tied generally at a difficult height. Often a prize money is put in the pot instead of curd. The people who participate in forming this human pyramid are called Govinda which is another name of Krishna. Many people get injured also due to fall etc.

    On the 17.08.2016, the Supreme Court of India has upheld the decision of the Mumbai High court that the height of the human pyramid should not be more than 20 feet due to safety reasons and the age of Govindas should be minimum 18 years. Mass celebration of the festival causes traffic congestion, noise pollution and problems like excessive littering etc.

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    Mr Kailash, are we discussing Dahi Handi in this thread? I cannot understand why cant you be specific and relevant to the topic under discussion instead of filling your post with irrelevant inforamtion.
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    Just post the mischief charactesr of Lord Krishna you liked and irrelevant posts for this thread may be deleted by the editors.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Well, I am an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna. In my childhood, I used to watch each and every episode of Lord Krishna's childhood animation shows. I don't know how many of the lord's deeds mentioned in those shows are true. But, these are the ones I like.
    1) Balaram complains to Yashodha that Krishna ate sand. She comes to Krishna and asks him to open his mouth. When Krishna opens his mouth, Yashodha sees entire universe in the mouth. Later, Krishna does something so that she forgets all she saw.
    2) Krishna made holes to the pots hanging from the top to find what is inside them. Later, he used to eat while feeding the nearby animals too.

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    Mohan Ji (#576186) - I have mentioned the same playful character of Krishna which is mentioned by you i.e. the 'Makhan Chor' (stealing of butter) aspect. The same character is celebrated as 'Dahi Handi' in modern times.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Lord Krishna is also called Navaneetha chora, that is he is stealing butter from other gopika's houses and when they came to his house for complaining about the stealing, he simply tied all the hair knots into each other without their knowledge and when they turn back they harassed themselves, it is really fun but there is some inner meaning about the stealing of butter. However the total mischief of Lord Krishna has some inner meaning. It should be realized one by self.

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