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    Why some members try to be autocratic?

    I am sorry to state that some members here seem to be too much lacking in proper etiquette.I cannot understand why should we take those whims of some such members unnecessarily?

    The issue is in the threadin this link . Kindly refer to the response #576152. Does anyone think it is in good spirit? Anyone in a public forum needs to have certain manners. The concerned member has put himself above other members and has been treating others inferior. It is high time he came out of his own cage and understand the outside world. Kindly check my response #576135 in the said thread and kindly let me know which part of the said response invited words like "Members should maintain their own business of posting and responding only , not to act smart or advise or guide the editors"?

    As far as I have the understanding of this and other sites in Spider Network, the network has always encouraged a good rapport between members. I cannot understand why only this particular member has issues with almost every other member- including the editors and ME.

    Just hope he learns to respect other members.
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    Some members are beyond the age of learning. They are happy living in their own cocoon oblivious of the world outside. I hope you know what is a 'koop mandook' or 'kuen ka mendak'.

    By the way, the thread to which you gave the link has been deleted. I hope you made a copy of the thread. If not, you do it the next time (there will be plenty of times as the stubborn member refuses to learn anything) and attach it to the thread response in case the thread is deleted. And, my experience here at ISC says that the concerned member often changes his responses by editing his already posted responses. So, the copy of the thread is always helpful to prove that the member concerned changed his initial response.

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    Maybe there was some problem with the hyperlink, Gypsy. It has now been corrected.

    Thank you for understanding the issue I raised.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I did not see the thread earlier, so was not sure about whom were you talking about in this thread, but I had a fair idea who could he be. And I was 100% right.

    Like I said in my response #576175 (mind it, I had not seen the thread or the response at that time), some members are beyond the age of learning. They are happy living in their own cocoon oblivious of the world outside, like a 'koop mandook' or 'kuen ka mendak'.

    That sentence says it all, Timmappa!

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    Some people have the mentality of asserting their position no matter whether they are right or wrong. But when they are exposed in public, they get annoyed and irritated. That is the birth right problem with some and we have to keep distance to get rid of further consequences from them. Yes in our life we do get across good and worst people and that is leading the way of life.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Human beings are basically egoists and extremely self-centred. Some of us become very furious when the egos got hurt and people pay them back.
    By the way, Mr. Kamat, the clickable link provided by you in the thread is not opening.

    [Edit: Now the link is working.]

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Sorry to state members - the intention if this thread was to bring the kind of language being used by the "self proclaimed " gentleman if ISC. Kindly try to be specific with your responses with respect to the thread link I have posted. Please do not come up with generalised responses like a couple of responses above. As members of the site, we have every right to suggest actions to editors. Agreeing or not to it is the prerogative of the team. Once you post a thread, it becomes the property of the site. It is not YOUR property so you can think of not allowing trespassing. "ACT SMART" are only the kind of words that only stubborn, stupid and arrogant people who do not care for others have been using.
    I would just want to know whether my response had anything wrong to invite such mannerless language?

    This is the second time in one month that this has been happening. Looks like ISC will lose many members because if the unparliamentary language he uses. I have seen it in the past threads.

    Good for ISC to have such member!

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    There is no necessity for the author to raise a separate thread with reference to the other thread which was locked by the Forum Editor. While locking the thread the Editor has clearly mentioned to avoid unwarranted comments on other members and there is nothing wrong to suggest to lock the thread as the said questions of the quiz are answered by all in the thread (that you were mentioning). As such the Admin has given a supportive stand towards you and the author of that thread was warned in a mild tone.

    Further, WM as recommended by the ISC Admin is initiating disciplinary action as and when required against any erring member and we are not announcing it in public Forum. So, don't think that any member who uses unparliamentary language and violating any guidelines are letting off. You could have brought to the notice of ME or WM, in case you have any problem with the member instead of raising this thread. Else, you could have raised the thread without giving any specific example and making it as a general one which would help in molding the attitude or mending their ways, hence I am locking this thread.


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