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    Just tell me about you asks teacher the students want one day time to refer internet and revert back

    Some people are having so much addiction to internet that they are not using their own brain even for small answers. No doubt internet has many and varied types of information for a particular issue or matter, but some answers can be given without referring to Internet. I am also peeved at some members in this forum who are extensively quoting references from the Internet and some times with verbatim and the editors are not taking any action. Be natural and true member while responding here. Internet cannot provide all information which we may require.. Using our own conscious and brain to respond is always warranted and important.
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    Internet is just a tool for education. Addiction to anything is nothing less than any kind of disease. When a person addict to his work, he's called as workaholic. Similarly depending to internet always is kind of serious ailment that causes to lack of internal memory among the users.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    The internet is simply a resource though a very convenient to use for learning. Literally, the sought information is available at the fingertips. Simply press the button and get the information.

    Usage of the internet as a tool primarily depends on the age band of the individuals. People within the age band of 20 to 30 are generally students of higher studies or jobs aspirants. They remain in their learning phase and therefore use internet more for referencing mostly on their smartphones.

    Besides retrieving a new information internet can be used for cross-checking the information furnished by the other individuals. Earlier, the elders and seniors used to dominate the scene by insisting that the information furnished by them is the final one as they are elders or seniors. Such bluffing is not possible nowadays.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You are right Mr. Mohan. Many people are addicted to internet now a days. While contributing in ISC, I try to avoid opening other web sites as far as possible. We should not let internet do our work. Many studies proved that using internet for long reduces the memory power in people. We all know that it is true. Many people, especially youngsters can't even tell when the world wars happened. The same is being done by teachers to students and vice versa. Some teachers are teaching using the internet. By the way, the title and body of the thread doesn't match completely.

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