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    Why people fear to step in into police station?

    It is a very common tendency among people when they hear word about police or police station. One of mine friends who is very fainthearted with the term police, once he'd asked to visit the nearest station due to verification required for his passport. He denied and asked me how could he go, as he never been to there earlier! I'm surprised with his verdict and advised him as there is nothing wrong as you think. They're also human being and understand everyone's issues. You just need to show your I'd proof and sign on the paper. After a day, when again called by the station in charge he asked me to visit with him. The scene was very simple; when we went to police station and asked about the verification notice from passport office, one officer told us to sit there and he brought the papers where my friend signed and we came back.
    Many a time we're facing a lot of problems in our society and due to such faintness unable to visit police station and resolve the issues. Due to which the crime rates increased in everywhere. The first and foremost cause of criminal acts in our country is due to our fear or anxiety for police. What you say?
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    In my opinion, the police being portrayed as corrupted in almost all the movies is the reason for that fear. Anyways, we should accept that there are many police officers who are completely corrupted. My friend applied for a passport some months back. As he is studying in a university, the police constable came to the university and called him. For almost the nil work he did, he took Rs. 500 as bribe. In addition, he took another Rs. 50 as food charges. This a dialogue in a Telugu movie. "A police is not coming if we dial 100 but is coming if we give 100". That's the situation in our country now. Your friend is too lucky if he is not asked any bribe.

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    Thanks Krishna for raising your voice against corruption by the police. This is the reason I think why most of the people are fear to step in into police station for any complains, requests or suggestions. As you said, I've heard of asking Rs. 500/- in many police station for passport approval. However, nowadays the same practices lessened in my town Berhampur. Hope the same will continue in other parts of our country.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Luckily the scenario has changed much since the olden days. Now we see many media trials conducted by the television channels which lead to the suspension of the police personnel in case they are resorting to excesses on the citizens. However, it is true that most of the people don't want to visit a police station due to several reasons.

    Apart from my personal visits in connection with the police verification report regarding passport etc. , I used to visit police stations in connection with my official duties during the service period. One of my duties was to destroy the illegal explosives confiscated by the police. Thus I got ample opportunity to interact with police personnel at various levels. Primarily they are also a human being and have feelings and sentiments like a common man.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The answer is simply because police, instead of helping the complainant, asks him/her detailed questions on the incident which he/she has gone to report. Although it is necessary, people take this as unnecessary harassment.
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    Yes there is a psychological feeling among the people that police stations are not the place to visit as only evil doers and bad people visit that place. Suppose you want to make a complaint on some person or some aspect and visit police station and at that time the writer was not present and you come out and then a relative or some close friend see you coming out of the police station. That scene is enough as every one in the family and friends circle would know the fact in seconds and thus you are blamed for no fault. Moreover the police have the habit of cornering the information giver and bother them for money. So visiting police station would be nightmare.
    K Mohan
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    The fact that we have heard so many stories of atrocities and harassment of the police - personnel that we are afraid to meet them even if there is justified ground to meet them. Such images have been created by themselves. Unnecessary harassment of the public, unreasonable demand in the form of bribery and harsh tones used by them make them very unpopular. May be their harsh tone would be necessary to tame the antisocial elements but ultimately this turns out to be their intrinsic behaviour. Where from they have learnt the art of asking bribery should be a research work for the acamedics. Hope they will join in the mainstream to resolve the legal issues and glorify their images.

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