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    Will removal of CBSE CCE pattern benefit students?

    The CBSE Board is debating the removal of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern. What would be the effects upon CBSE education if indeed it is removed? Join in the interesting ongoing discussions in this forum thread.

    Some students will appreciate it and some will strongly oppose it. However, after facing much criticism in recent years, CBSE has decided to end CCE pattern from academic session 2016-17, which means 2015-16 will be the last academic year which will follow CCE. This means that students will no longer be given a choice to opt for the board exams or for the home board exams(for the final examination for class 10).

    This decision has been taken after getting suggestions and complaint from the students and critics. However, note that this decision has not been made legal yet.

    Give your views on the pros & cons of the CCE pattern and whether or not its removal would be good for students.
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    CCE means 'Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation' which is a process of assessment as mandated by the Right to Education Act. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) follows this pattern for students of sixth to tenth grades and twelfth in some schools. The system has been criticised on the count that it focusses more on projects and activities than actual learning. However, this system is projected as being better than the previous system which focussed more on the rote learning.

    Though discussions are going on but no official statement has so far been made by the CBSE. There are suggestions that instead to totally abolishing the system, it should be modified to weed out the noticed shortcomings, if any.

    Perhaps till the final official announcement of the policy, the stakeholders should observe restraint.

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    Well, I completed my 10th and +2 in Andhra Pradesh state board i.e. no CCE pattern. These days, many threads are being raised about the lots of project works being given to students which is becoming a burden to parents and children. So, I learnt a little about CCE.

    My personal opinion on CCE is that it increases stress in a student and it may not give any gain in learning. As far as I know, four formative tests and two summative tests (similar to one exam at year end) are conducted every year in which the formative tests comprise 40% of the total score. And, scores for formative tests are given by evaluation of oral tests, project works etc,.

    But, these project works etc,. are becoming a problem to many students. It is hard to focus on both project works etc,. (formative) and regular studies (summative). The CCE pattern was introduced to reduce pressure on students but it completely backfired. Due to the heavy load of project works, frequent tests and regular studies, its becoming a burden to students as well as their parents. So, many people are criticizing the pattern and therefore, it would be better if it is removed or at least modified so that burden on students and their parents is reduced. As there is no official announcement yet, we can't decide whether it will be implemented or not.

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    Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is a system adopted in various the Kendriya Vidyalayas under CBSE. Under this process the ability of a student is analysed and considered for promoting to the next class. It is followed from the 1st standard onwards. But the UPA Government has made the provision optional for Class 10 students to appear for a common examination or to be evaluated under CCE so that they can appear for the Common examination only in Class 12. I am a product of Kendriya Vidyalaya and surely support the system of CCE. It helps the students to understand the subjects thoroughly as the assignments, project works and the unit tests would help us a lot. This would avoid students to mug up questions and answers and old practice papers.

    Here what we have to understand is the CCE pattern would not be removed completely. There would be a public examination in Class 10 but the evaluation pattern would continue . It means Government is reverting back to old pattern which worked well for years. I think it is better to continue in the old pattern.

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    A welcome step indeed. As the system of CCE has been introduced to reduce the burden of students but with the opportunists exists in India in many levels, say politicians, educationists, parents, teachers and even sometimes students for some extent. the system collapsed and hence lost its charm.

    I would like to present an example I have come across with this system with one student. I was wondered when he told he is the only one taking public examination in his school while rest of the students are undergoing CCE and usually students who wanted to shift to other syllabus or going abroad only choose the public examination and hence thought he would have opted to go abroad. But it is really shocked with his reply that he is not well with his teachers and hence to avoid facing the evaluation from his own teachers, he wanted to test with unknown teachers. That means, he says teachers are having biasnes and hence teachers taken it for their advantage and make stress to students.

    In Pranita's response in first paragraph, she told about the pluses of CCE but in the second paragraph she recommends only the earlier pattern and that shows how the pattern of CCE works in a Kendriya Vidyalaya. When it is in KVs, we need not talk about private public schools offering CBSE. As the government also got feedback about the flaws in the recently introduced system of CCE, it would thought to revert.

    Not only in this system, wherever the continuous evaluation arises, our Indian teachers are taking blindly introducing assignments, projects to evaluate rather than evaluating knowledge based tests. So it is better to be in public examination type to continue unless and until our teachers should stop biasness.

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    As we can see that in this thread many members says that CCE is not good for the student as it gives more stress to the student and at the end they don't learn, and if they get something, they only get stress not knowledge and which is not good for the students, who should learn at this stage of life instead of getting stressed and overloaded knowledge. I personally oppose this CCE because I think student job is to learn not to get stressed, and if CCE gives them less stress then it is good otherwise it should be banned.
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    In the CCE system perhaps the most crucial aspect is the quality of teachers who are going to the evaluators. Although a rigorous training regime is likely to make them aware of the policies, procedures and methodologies of the CCE system but they have to have an impartial and fair attitude above all human weaknesses like temptations to favor students on the basis of their caste, creed, age, gender, language, religion and such other things. Sometimes, I personally doubt if it will be possible for the teachers to raise themselves above such considerations which have deep penetration in our social fabric.
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    To continue my previous response where I have quoted the opportunist situation from student point of view. I have also quoted political view which I can say from this part of region where politicians are very much against Hindi/Sanskrit and even recently they have vanished another system which was lying or acted between CBSE and state syllabus. But after CBSE introduced CCE system, there are many schools mushrooming in the state with CBSE which was really a rare thing before 5 to 6 years, as CBSE schools were available only in major cities/towns but now every school which was opted the middle way syllabus(called matriculation syllabus) have shifted to CBSE and hence now every where we can see the CBSE schools and most of the schools run by politicians only.

    I have also quoted parents opportunists. For this I can quote parents who have pushed the students even after 10th in the tough options as the students got good scores via project reports and assignments(mostly prepared by parents only) but students really struggling in 10+2 stream and upwards.

    The teachers really putting good scores with the support of assignments, project reports and hence they used the opportunity to their tune.

    So it is better government revert back to the old system of public examination.

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